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When I first heard this feature was coming I was very excited! Until I saw that the money would be held separately and no longer in my PayPal, as well as the funds would not be available to transfer until the items are marked shipped. I am also upset about the fees a bit. Even the PayPal fees are only 2.9% +.30 cents. Etsy now essentially takes 6.5% of my sale, a .20 cent listing fee, and a .25 cent fee for direct credit card use. I have never one to complain about fees since I understand the need for them, and at first was happy that etsy had listing fees, so that people would think twice about posting.. However looking at it now I have spent $300 on listing fees alone in a year, and I think that is a little extreme when they make plenty off the %
Wow...I didn't know what I was starting! I haven't been able to comment since yesterday because I have been selling! DC has made such a difference I think because I am a seller without Paypal....being able to take CC directly has made an immediate difference. I'm aware of the fees and downfalls but in my case I'm happy to try it because coming from apparel the retailer makes more than the wholesalers anyway. A few % and few days wait is worth it for me. Retailers can take up to 180 days to pay or "charge back" if your line doesn't sell.
Fern from fernfiddlehead says

Brandi from PuurBody says
It's 10 days when you first sign up. You can set up your bank account, disable it; wait the 10 days and then reactivate it if you really want to skip the 10 days. But I just finished the 10 days; didn't hurt at all; I swear!
It's 10 days and then they RELEASE the money and then it's another 3-5 days. I think that's fine but I was just surprised that after the 10 days I still had to wait another 3 days to see the money. Not complaining but I feel that the 10 days promise is not completely accurate. But now that I've gone through the initial transfer, the money is available 3 days after the purchase is made as long as the order has been processed (which in my case it almost always is).

Well, yes; but that's because of the bank account. What they mean when they say 10 days is that is when the money is available for deposit; the deposit is made at day 10 (if you request it); but the money isn't available for a bit depending on your bank. I've heard others say it's as little as 48 hours.
griffincat from griffincat says

And don't you all beleibe they will become the only form of payment accepted in time also? Why give the 3% to the competition when you can have it all. Would seem like good business to me.


Lol, americans selling through etsy say this a lot ... guess they're pretty insulated from the international scene cause they mostly only sell to other americans.

Dumping international sellers that can't use direct checkout doesn't sound like such a good business decision for etsy :)

And etsy is putting an awful lot of money into expanding their international presence ... what a waste if they're just planning on kicking international sellers off!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:34pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT
they wouldnt force direct checkout on everyone, until they did make it possible for international sellers to accept it too, which they likely will, eventually.
I'm still patiently waiting. I don't have too many sales, so anything that may help increase them will help!
We're all for giving our customers more options when it comes to payment methods. However, we're certainly not thrilled with the 3% rate (that is a hefty mark-up over their costs) and the 3 day hold-back period is VERY annoying. That's just so Etsy can make more money off of our funds (short-term interest bearing account). Holding funds in interest bearing accounts got Paypal in a bunch of hot water.

Also bear in mind that the 3 days starts AFTER you ship the item.

There's a very good shipping solution out there besides doing labels through Paypal. If you're doing at least several orders a day on average and manually entering orders is getting old (not to mention, time consuming), convo us and we'll be happy to send you their info (we don't want to get in trouble for promoting someone else in the boards).
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:44am Apr 29, 2012 EDT
We just set it up 10 minutes ago. Hopefully it goes well. Despite not being thrilled about the wait time for deposits, we've accepted it as part of the deal and are willing to see what happens.

Hopefully it results in additional sales.

Happy Sunday everyone... :)

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:32am Apr 29, 2012 EDT
Still taking a wait & see on direct checkout......buyers do have the option of "not" using PayPal, and paying directly with their credit card.

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