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2300 Shops on strike against Etsy

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how does putting your shop on vacation mode protest anything? Protests usually either hurt in the wallet, or stop a service. This does neither.

As for my shop, most of the people who buy from me are new to Etsy. My "competition" is the entire internet. Resellers are not even on my radar.
The result to Etsy could be more than the loss of relisting/listing revenue.
I personally will not be shutting down. It doesn't mean I agree with what happened.

Etsy has made it's decision - amid an amazing amount of outcry here and outside of our marketplace. I don't believe a strike will gain any more consideration from Etsy.

I think it's time for me to move on (away from feeling betrayed) and make decisions for myself that will help me grow my business. That means not depending on Etsy to continue to operate the way it did when I first joined. Things evolve - Etsy is evolving and I have to live with that if I choose to say - which I do choose.
artisanwoodcrafting, then I think you dont belong on etsy but should sell your things at a different market.
i started listing in oct . i own a custom dress shop full time.. it is a delicate balance between trying to fill etsy orders on time and finishing custom clients orders at my shop. right now i sell something every few days and i just deal with getting it done.. i am lucky that i am a very fast and efficient seamstress!

i have looked at other shops with huge sales numbers and volumes and know that there is no way one person could personally handmake every item,,there has to be employees involved.. we are naive to believe that every shop owner personally makes every item listed.

this is the future of etsy ,, i do not see them turning away from the high sales volume.

my experience with other people's perception of what etsy is (based on customers that come thru my door,, including brides) is that it is a place to find unique items.. i even had a mother of the bride get excited when i told her i had an etsy shop,, she had just been on the site searching for something for her daughter,, the bride and she commmented that it was nice to see made in america,, i corrected her and said that in reality it is a global market but if "made in america" was important to her , she could find unlimited items in that category.

sure i dont have alot of sales but i try to stay on top of the game,, shops copying, resellers etc by offering more one of a kind items and the response from my buyers has been amazing,, i will continue this path

the boycott is to each his own ,, if you feel strongly about something then you should back it up with action,, otherwise you live a life of regrets.
one door closes another opens. i predict there will be many more "etsys" in the next few years

good luck to all
bankeladen from bankeladen says

artisanwoodcrafting, then I think you dont belong on etsy but should sell your things at a different market.

well, i do belong here, whether you like or not, and I should be, because I am what etsy is all about. i guess i should be glad its not your site them. etsy is not about limiting a small businesses income potential
Strikebreakers :)

It's not about Etsy politics (those may be whatever the hell they choose them to be), but about honesty, transparency and integrity.

Well, I grew up in a communist country, I think it could be seen....
i hate to tell you, if etsy had limited this site to only single person businesses, they would have been all washed up by now and gone
artisanwoodcrafting, yes, you are right, I have to specify: the thing that is problematic is not working with a group. it's having employees in a classical sense. what a COLLETIVE is, is very clearly defined: people working together without a hierarchy, as equal partners.
but when you start to employ people as a boss, etsy should draw a line. they also do... but its a wavy one. I'm not gonna stay here as a handmade bait for some hipsters who then turn to the people with the low prices.
@artisanwoodcrafting, Etsy is not ours to claim, but still we deserve some respect.

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