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2300 Shops on strike against Etsy

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Agreed Lisa. Just do what you want to do!
i dont even know what day of the week the 10th is
I wrote a blog post with my opinion on this in details, so if anyone's interested...


Happy Workers Day everybody :)
I just read your blog post. It was truly inspirational. While I am not an artist or craftsperson (I wish I were that talented) I stand behind you all in not wanting Etsy to support shops that are essentially importers of items made by "slave labor". I will be closing my shop for the day on the 10th and will be changing my avatar to my vintage reseller hands. I hope we are all heard.
The 10th is next Tuesday.
oops.. I was looking at the April calendar...It is next Thursday.
Can the prior post by me be deleted?
Beautiful blog and post, Kteis! :)
I'm a reporter for the Daily Dot writing an article about the protest. I'm wondering if any of the participating sellers could tell me how much profit they expect to lose by going into vacation mode on May 10?
Love your blog post working on my own as well.
Lauren I run about 15-30% of my business through Etsy depending on time of year. I may lose a sale to a random new customer which would be maybe 30-60 bucks on average for a single item. My return customers and majority of self brought customers will have no issue not shopping here that day and are even asking me for other locations they can purchase from me or asking for direct invoices via paypal. Hope that helps.

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