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200th Sale! What I have learnt!

Yay 200 sales, and so what I have learnt?

Absolutely nothing - lol!

I am still clueless about relevancy, and what keywords work, and what I should concentrate on. Most of my keywords only get 1 or two hits, in a month...so it's hard a decision to decide which ones to dump, since they all seem to be on par with one another!

Influx of sales in a week - Yep I have no clue why some weeks I will get more sales, and the following week it's dead as a doornail. Yes I could look at Google Analytic, but I can't decipher that program either.

Renewing- Who know's of that helps at all? Well I know it helps with one keyword, but it's not like when I renew something that I get an influx of sales. But who knows someone could see my item recently renewed and keep it in the back of their mind for a later date???

Working hard - It's seems the harder I try the less effective it is. Although I admit, doing new pieces of artwork quite regularly seems to build momentum. I know customers check back to see if I have done new 'works' recently.

Blog advertising - I have no real clue if that helps either, although I did see a good increase in facebook likes, and so may get potential customers later down the track.

Giveaways - Well that's one thing that I do see benefit to, whenever I do giveaways (on large blogs) I do get extra sales. Find a blog with lots of followers on facebook, twitter etc in your target market,

So yeah...there you have it I am clueless and not that business savy.

But one thing I have learnt, if I hadn't as a joke' put these illustrations up a year and half ago online, I would of never realised my passion, and what I am good at! So there is a lesson, 'try everything and anything, take risks, don't be afraid to fail and make mistakes, refine and master your skill'.

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Congrats on your 200th sale! In two years, may you be anticipating your 2000th!
congrats on the 200 sales! :) your shop is so lovely - may you have many more.
You're cracking me up! Congratulations on your 200th sale.
I love that you have learned pretty much what I have learned...still do not know what works, but something is working because I have sales and continue to find new and wonderful customers!

Many sales to you!!!!
Sorry lots of grammatical typos!
YAY congrats! I just had my 300th sale yesterday and I've learnt about the same as you lol :)
Honeycup: Congratulations on your 200th sale!

I understand being clueless on what works and what doesn't. I have read information from so many places and no where have I found a solid road map to online marketing for cottage industry businesses. I suppose it boils down to trial and error.....like most of life. ;-)
Congrats! love the illustrations!
Congrats on your many sales =D. Lol I still have 169 to go before hitting the big 200. Hope you have many more in the near future!

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