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Free to a good home

I have a small bundle of crochet hooks and knitting needles that I inherited along with lots of other stuff (which I'm destashing)

I'd like to give them FREE (you pay $3 postage) to any knitter/crochet shop owner who needs some and doesn't have the funds to buy them.

I have no use for them and I'd like to help out anyone who has a startup knitting or crocheting store here by giving you the whole bundle for free.

Anyone short on funds and could use them?
They are in good condition, name brand. Probably purchased in the 80s.

Please convo me personally if I can help you out!

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You could list them as a PIF.
They will get snatched up quickly

actually I thought you were talking about a puppy. :)
You are awesome.
I thought this was gonna be for a kitten....... : )
Super nice of you!
Very sweet of you....I'm sure you'll have lots of takers! (I wish I knew how to crochet, knit and sew like all the talented people here!)
Me too M.Basile! Ha!

Im sure you won't have a problem finding them a good home stampin <3
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:38pm May 4, 2012 EDT
(((HUGS))) to you!!!

I tried to give away some printer toner for a printer that died but no takers. I eventually returned it to Staples for coupons to purchase more toner for the printer I currently use.

I also crochet but have plenty of hooks.

So wonderful that you can help someone else. YAY!!!
I'm a crocheter but I don't knit, so I'm gonna hold out and see if someone who does both will take you up on your incredibly kind and generous offer!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:40pm May 4, 2012 EDT
LOL at those that thought it was a puppy or kitten in need of rescue.

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