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How to to use Facebook to create Hype about your brand?

I have seen this a lot: I know a lot of people in my niche that do Giveaways or sell an item for $1 to create hype abou their product. Can somebody tell me how it's done. How do you maximize reach. I'd give away a doll if I understood how it all worked. Can somebody please explain how it's done?

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Bumping because I'm curious too :-)
Me three!!! I wanna know!!
I think you just have to have the right idea that works for your business and go for it. I have seen a lot of businesses increase reach by doing something like having a give-a-way and you get extra entries if you get a friend to sign up or if you tweet it or put it on your facebook page. Big businesses have programs that monitor this but you'll likely have to monitor referral entries yourself so you'll need to find a way to keep up with that traffic.
OOOO, pretty, pretty! I just looked up your dolls and they are beautiful! Don't give them away, my sister made my daughter and all my neices one for Christmas and they take a lot of work for each special doll. You might do well putting one in a charity/fundraising auction, you might be giving up the money yourself but the doll and your brand get promoted and you would likely be hitting your target market, so it would be advertising money.
I went to a fundraising event for a family center recently and a doll like this would have gotten a lot of bids and attention.
Thanks so much for your kind words. It's been awfully slow in my shop so I am looking for new ways to promote my work. Summer is always the hardest time...
Ulla, thanks for bringing up this topic... I'd like some ideas on how to "hype" up my brand as well.

And I must add - your dolls are BEAUTIFUL! I sent the link to your shop to my sister, these are right down her alley. I have a couple other friends I'll share with too. Love them!
If you choose to do a give away and choose to use Facebook, make sure that you read the rules very, very carefully as they will shut your page down if you don't follow them. This has happened to several people (big name companies even) and they have lost all of their fans and have to start over.

Its far better to do a give away on your blog, and you can advertise that on your facebook page I believe (but double check!). You can also put your give away on some popular give away sites that allow you to list your giveaway with a link to your blog. Just google give aways and sweepsteaks.
If it is such a no-no why are so many people doing it? I have seen this so much. Some of those folks who do it have thousands of fans. How do they get away with it if it's not legal?
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:03 pm May 5, 2012 EDT
Most likely they haven't been reported yet and there are millions of FB users of course. All it takes is one person to report and FB may close the page down without warning. The usual case of just because lots of people do it, doesn't make it right and their argument is that exactly, their rules, you should know them as you agreed to them.

This might help a bit.


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