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Vintage & Yard Sales

Do you vintage sellers buy from yard sales? Although I have found some great vintage things (at great prices) at yard sales, I normally focus more upon estate sales, since I know all of the estate sale dealers in Memphis, and they tend to cut the prices pretty low for me. I've recently been going to a few yard sales, though, and have found some fabulous things. A couple weeks ago, I found a nice piece of vintage jewelry that is by a popular designer for only $1.00. Today, I stopped at a yard sale and bought a ton of vintage jewelry that's all sterling silver - for a mere price of $6.00. I've got to start doing more yard sales. I've seen snide comments in the forum threads in the past about vintage stuff just being "yard sale junk". Of course, those who made those comments were not vintage sellers. Anyway, a lot of the stuff found at yard sales is vintage - meaning it's stuff the seller has had for a long time and just no longer wants, which is why they want to get rid of it. Just because someone no longer wants something, that doesn't mean it's 'junk'. Apparently, there still are great bargains to be found at yard sales, and I'm going to start going to more of them! Do you have some good yard sale find stories to share?

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I've found some nice mid century stuff at yard sales. My best find so far was a huge box full of Victorian lace and mink fur from a destroyed jacket, including lace panels from old dresses, for $10. It was such a fun find, and you can tell all of the lace is handmade. The fur is going to be repurposed once I find the time! Yards sales are hit and miss, but when it is a hit, it is great! And I love rummaging through things anyways.
I think there are amazing finds at yard sales. Just more time consuming 'cause there's a lot of "yard sale junk"!
I have been shopping at yard sales my entire life! My kids entire bedroom sets, clothes, highchair and right through their teenage years was almost entirely from yard sales. I can probably count on one hand the "new" stuff I've decorated my home with!

I also go to estate sales, but I do find them a little pricey, but you gotta dig! I get a lot of my stuff that I sell here at yard sales and I love it!
I love going to yard sales/estate sales. You can find many a cool thing there.
I stopped at one this morning while I was running a few errands. I found a box of extension cords (new) in various lengths for ten cents each. We never seem to have enough extension cords in the house and I fear my studio is the reason why :o)
I want to go where you guys are going! Around here it's plastic sippy cups and broken toys galore!
I think yard sales are as valid a place as any to find good vintage items. A good vintage item is good no matter where it is found.

I find my items at a network of thrift, second hand, and consignment shops. I love poking through a lot of stuff to find the good things.
I love yard sales! In my town there are at least 10 every weekend all summer. I've found bolts of interfacing, yards of fabric, thread the list goes on. For me its the hunt and finding something amazing. It also helps keep my cost down on supplies.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:49pm May 12, 2012 EDT
I only sell vintage clothing, and I typically dont find much in that department at yard sales, but I find that here in Orlando, yard sales are a GREAT place to find some pretty cool mid century furniture.

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