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Storage of fabrics...

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I have mine folded in those fabric sweater shelves in the closet. I organise each compartment by theme. The smaller pieces that I use for applique work are sorted by color in plastic shoe boxes stacked on the closet shelf.
This is how my friend stores her fabric:
Oh, I understand the fabric hoarding's sort of an addiction...finding new fabrics, lol. I have one whole pile that is mine...all mine! Ha - I can't bear to use it for anything, but I haven't made myself anything with it either. Perhaps we should start a 12 step program or something.
Avocado, I really like that cabinet. Might have to check it out.
In my opinion fabric is sort of dead when it just sits there without being allowed to fill its purpose. It was made to be used, to be brought to life. Sounds weird maybe, but the same goes for beads and findings.
Thanks Veil!
That is such a great idea - I am feeling the spring cleaning bug coming on with all of these ideas - My goal this summer is to get more organized - I know it will save me a lot of time - and money :)
Ulia, I purchased shelving from Walmart about 2 years ago because it was so cheap $30 each. It worked fine until I tried to move it, then 2 out of 3 bookcases fell apart. The kind I purchased where black chipboard bookcases with 5 shelves. So upset, I had to go out and spend more money on better cases.
I'm marking this thread because of all the helpful photos and info! I'm trying to get my sewing room more organized this year too :)
Tomorrow we are building this craft table and putting my fabric in fabric bins from target on the sides.
I love this thread, I love seeing others sewing studios and hearing about all your great ideas to store fabric. I just bought two more bookcases for my fabric today and hope to get really organized this weekend. Right now my studio is a terrible mess.

@avocado - your sewing table display is a fantastic idea. It looks awesome!!

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