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Not getting many views

I thought I had tagged and labeled the items in my shop but I don't seem to be getting many views. Is that by virtue of the fact I don't have that many items in my store? Or is it more because of the types of items I'm selling? Are my titles all wrong?

I've only gotten 6 views today.

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I have the same number of items and I generally get between 15-30 views a day. I also have used all of my tags and I make sure that I have highly used search terms in my titles and listings. My guess is that the low views are because of the small number of items we have in our shops. I feel like I have read up and worked hard to do everything else well.
Thanks Kira. I feel like I've tried too. It's not even about sales when you can't get a lot of views! :)
It seems slow all over on Etsy, today. Even in these forums.
Hey Chelle you have twice what I do, I'm sitting at 3. Kind of scary.
You need to add more items and variety. Give your customers choices and they will come!
Visited your shop and took a look at several of your bath salt listings. A few suggestions that might help. You might expand on your titles an include relaxing, calming , invigorating rather than 16oz

The first part of your description should be the words from your titles not necessarily in the same order this helps for relevancy.
Also always include a link back to your shop or similar product or category in your descriptions. Keep them shopping.

Yes the more items you have does help being found in searches.

Tags reinforce your title with short phrases. These are also how customers are going to seach . For instance I would never think to type in wild harvested. but would mineral salts. spa treatments, lavender bath salts, lemon bath salt, natural bath salt . relaxing spa treatment etc. Type them in to the etsy search and see what pops up in the drop down menu.

Also categories are searchable I would try and expand them to use all 10 Since it is one of your main products I would list bath salts as one of them. Think about thinks like relaxation, stress relief etc.
PS love your avitar!
Chelle, if I were you I'd take less cluttered pictures that show the whole product as 'square' against a solid background. If I was seeing your pictures in search results they wouldn't 'draw my eye' so to speak. So if you want to include the herbs in the bowl or whatever that white angel/tan thingie in the bath salts picture is, I'd put it in the 2nd photo. Just my 2 cents!
Thank you! Some great suggestions!

I feel for everyone with not that many products, like me :) It's tough!

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