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Craftstar beatdown

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OnceUponAGem from OnceUponAGem says
felicesereno from FeliceSereno says Edited on May 13, 2012
i dont like what they said here (re etsy)
The site also featured vintage, and while I think vintage is lovely, a dress made in a factory in 1980 and being resold is not handmade!Fortunately, I knew I wasn’t alone. Other handmade sellers were tired of going unnoticed in a sea of resellers and vintage, too.
vintage is the step child...
being lumped with resellers is not a nice thing to say
I know! I didn't like that either..... she could of worded it differently.
I read that in the thread, too, and actually was a bit offended by the comment.
Wow. so many nay-sayers. Bummer. Well, I think it is too soon to pass a fair judgement on the new venue.

I thought the FAQ was fine...not unprofessional...you want to see unprofessional? Try using "kiss and make up" with complete strangers on Etsy. (just one example of juvenile thinking here). The pot shouldn't call the kettle black anyway.

I also see lots of "innovation" on thecraftstar, or at least a really honest try at doing the very best they can for their sellers & the sellers customers. They will learn as they go and make changes and additions and improvements. It's only been part of one day for Pete's sake.

The appearance of the site is a non-issue...why reinvent the wheel? Look at all the blogs out there that use templates...we all do! Many of us look just alike on our blogs and mini-blogs. Go with what works and change it when it doesn't. Etsy did not "design" the way they look, they use some other company's design..I'm not versed in how all that works, so correct me if I am wrong.

This is a big world...millions upon millions shop on-line. There is room for all. Give your neighbor some breathing room and watch them blossom and make the neighborhood a better place.
Logan from Patchtique says
Well, it was slow as molasses to load, and the Featured Seller that I saw was selling Dr Suess items.

So they made a big stink about no resellers . . . did they think about copyright infringement?
I guess so much for the concept of 'integrity'.
PixeyMeat said: holy slow moving snail of a website.... bah!!!

Bwahaha! I left the site after waiting 43 seconds for a gnome bowl to finish loading.... seriously, I counted. I had nothing better to do while I waited.

And that was only with 18 items in the Art category. Holy slow moving snail, what will happen when they get 50 more Art listings, or 100?!?!

I lost my patience while waiting to register; I don't have all night! Sheesh!

Etsy pages load within 1-2 seconds for me, even during peak hours, so it isn't my connection that needs to beef up. I'll pass. :OP
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:05 pm May 13, 2012 EDT
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Etsy makes its biggest bucks off vintage...if they had to survive on handmade sales only....they would go under. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:06 pm May 13, 2012 EDT
I am getting a lot of custom orders at my new B & M store....where a local shop asked me to do a regular kiosk....
The first day, with little marketing done yet, I sold two big orders. WITH all the fancy marketing, loads of orders poured in.

I am now realizing old fashioned elbow grease at a B & M store is the way to go versus online!
Harriet from RainbowBrilliance

Changed from HGWjewelrydesigns on Jul 22, 2016

11:11 pm May 13, 2012 EDT edited
A B&M wins hands down when it comes to making a living creating handmade items. I have been in a B&M for a while and there and at shows I make money. On Etsy not at all. Especially for jewelry, people like to touch it and try it on and see themselves wearing it - that sells my jewelry big time.
Jewelry is listed under " woodworking " category ??
O' Boy !! I think I'll sit and watch before I do anything. I have my shop named saved but, honestly who is going to look for jewelry under " woodworking " ??
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:17 pm May 13, 2012 EDT
I just took a look at it (I tried earlier but the page wouldn't load). Same font as Etsy, same page layout as Etsy, but not as clean and nice as Etsy. And their logo looks like Macy's. And it's really annoying/unprofessional that it says "signin" instead of "sign in" on the home page. Maybe it will be great but it's hard to respect a site that is modeled almost exactly like Etsy's. Not for me.
lol @ people who kiss and make up with customers, calling other people unprofessional.

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