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Accepting back an item after a year

What is your opinion about accepting back an item after a year. Would you accept back and refund money after a year the item was delivered?
Thank you for your response!

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I would not, that is way too long. Heck, you could have filed your taxes on that sale already.
On my items no, but yours are of a different nature. I would need more details to make an informed opinion but this type of post is against the TOU's as calling out.
No way after a year. Are they crazy?
Oh dear. You poor thing. No. I have been in similar situations. You have to be real diplomatic.
Absolutely not, and it's pretty darn ballsy to ask, imo. What, did the customer get a divorce and now wants a refund for their wedding ring?

Sorry, a year is way to long to even consider.
Nobody's been called out--there's no specific reference to anything here. Just a general question.

Personally, I wouldn't accept an item back after a year. Not just because I sell journals. A year is entirely too long to expect to return something and receive a refund.

ETA: I do stand behind my books, though, and if something's damaged due to how I made it, I'd happily fix it for the customer. If it's just damaged from use, then I'd be happy to discuss fixing it for a fee.
year is pretty long... but depending on the circumstances..

if you can melt it down and recast it I would offer them the market value of the metal.
thats crazy to even ask someone to do that:)
Uh nope. I would say the refund date has long past.

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