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Report or not?

I came across a shop that sell swastika shaped beads. She advertises them as symbols of good luck in several religions, which is true. However I don't feel comfortable seeing these on etsy...

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I don't really know the reporting procedure. But I guess if you report it as offensive it would be Etsy's choice whether they agree or disagree with your opinion.
Don't report something for making you uncomfortable, report it for breaking a rule if it does. But you should find out if it does first.

Imagine if everyone reported everything that made them uncomfortable, how many many reports that would be?
Hence my asking
If it is not in the context of Nazi memorablilia, but a design used by Native Americans, why would you report it?
This might answer your question:
WoW just WoW ....... my advice would be ...... if something makes you feel uncomfortable don't look .... I'm sure there are many folks that do not feel confortable when they see a cross or the Bible either.
Sorry, but regardless of it's purpose, origin or meaning if it isn't breaking the rules it's just as allowed as any other item and you'll just have to not look.
Why would you want to report something that makes you uncomfortable? , I am not to fond of the color yellow and it sometimes makes me a bit uncomfortable but I don't go around reporting everything that is yellow. Sorry if i sound harsh but I think what you said was very naive and ignorant.
The swastika is an ancient good luck symbol in several cultures, but the nazi swastika is a reversed image of it.

So technically the beads do not relate to the nazis, but I can understand that some people may be disturbed by them.

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