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These features HAVE to be on Etsy! (Please add more if you can think of something)

- Automatic Renew listings. Every day, I have to check expired listings, so I can renew them manually. It would be really better if Etsy renews them automatically every month.

- Bulk Editing: I have over 500 items and I'm still adding more and more. When I have to change shipping prices for example, I have to do it one by one, which is really frustrating and time consuming. This feature has to be added.

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Ditto on the bulk editing!
I'd love to have automatic bill pay for my etsy fees.
here is an app for auto renewing and a few other things.

A bulk editor would be nice as well.
you can bulk change shipping. you can go down the page and assign a shipping profile to each listing

auto-renew sold listings i think is a feature of the multiple qty for same price coming soon
Oh, and I want etsy to have built in spell-check. The computer I use most often won't allow me to install firefox or google chrome since I lack administrative privileges (it’s a work computer) and I hate having to copy and paste everything from word.
We used to have automatic bill pay. A very long time ago. It was messy when that went away.
Have you tried Craftopolis for bulk editing? I use it to update prices and descriptions. It is fantastic!
etsy allows alot of third parties to use their api to design programs for auto-renewing and bulk editing for us users. This keeps their costs down (and ours!) and them to focus on getting right what they ARE working on(or at least trying to). Betsi, is a great new bulk editor, . you can do just about anything there :) For auto renewing, there are a few sites that do it, if you search the etsy app page, but I plan on utilizing the new program they are going to be rolling out soon with the multiple quantities and it auto-relisting for us :)
Here in the next week or so, The Auto renew will be in effect with the New Quantity Listing thing which is nice.
I'd Love to be able to bulk edit!!

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