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Self adhesive shipping labels?

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Oh no! That stinks :(
Very much... I had been so excited about it too :(
Back to the cutting board, I guess.
Here's what I do with the labels (Canadian here), its a bit of prep work but I find minutes here & there.

I cut the labels in half using my papercutter. Then I take 2 little bits of poster tape (3M brand Poster Tape-you can get it at Staples) and put them in the top corners of a regular sheet of printer paper, stick the 1/2 label to it).

I run them through the printer, peel off the label (the CN22 is printed on it) and then use the label as needed on my package.

I re-use the printer paper (why I use the Poster Tape vs regular 2sided tape, you can peel off the label without destroying the bond) about 4-5 times before I throw it out.

I prep about 50 or so at a time, leave them stacked beside my printer ready to go.
I use a large laser printer, I've never once had a paper jam happen either (that was one of my concerns at first).
I get my full sheet label paper from Staples (home delivered, yay!) in 100 packs.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:42am May 15, 2012 EDT
Last time I checked, you can order them for free from UPS.
If, of course, that's who you will be shipping/printing. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:43am May 15, 2012 EDT
PS, they are 2 labels per sheet.
Just bought 200 labels for $12 with free shipping. Sure seems like a bargain to me! Thank you everyone!
I used to use online labels, they are the cheapest they ship fast and they have a good pruduct. Know I have a thermal printer so I use the rolls and man oh man it is so much faster and way cheaper than using labels.
I have a solution for those generating more than just the shipping label.

It takes two extra steps and Adobe Acrobat (or Preview, or any other program that will let you crop a pdf)

Instead of sending an immediate print from PayPal to my printer, I save a pdf of the whole page (label and receipt). Then I open that pdf in Acrobat, crop off the receipt and send the label to my printer.

I do this because after printing the label, I like having a saved pdf of the entire page (receipt and label).

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tips! This is something I keep meaning to look into, so finally bought some tonight.
Ok this is prolly a dumb question, but if you don't get the receipt, how do you keep tract of the shipping amounts? Thanks guys!

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