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Craftseller Interview About Pinterest

Back in March, I was approached by an editor of Craftseller Magazine a popular magazine for Craft Sellers in the UK. The editor contacted me through Etsy, but she found me initially on Pinterest through a pin of mine.

She wrote asking me all about Pinterest, and asked if I would like to take part in an interview about Pinterest and how it can increase business. She loved my Owls and blankets and asked me to send her larger photos of some items, and also a photo of myself. (Which I never would have done, before losing those 84 pounds, LOL)

She asked me for my mailing address and told me if they planned to use my interview in the magazine that she would send me a copy !!

Jump to yesterday, my husband calls me from work to tell me he picked up the mail from our mailbox which is a mile from our house, and had the mail with him at work, and that something came from London, and it looks like an envelope that contains a magazine.... so I said, open it.... well, it was my copy of Craftseller.. and inside is my part of the Interview, with my photos, and a link to my Etsy shop....

Yes, I am on cloud 9 this morning... and I have taken some pics of the magazine (my scanner is broken)... but you can see the pics and interview on my Facebook Page, in a photo album that is public, so you don't even have to like my page to read the info....


Traffic can lead to more business... and Pinterest does bring traffic... as I say in the article it is all about the photos !!

You never know who is watching here at Etsy, and also on Pinterest !!

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Congratulations, Angela!
That is really cool. Congratulations!
oh, sweet! well done! yes, serendipity is out there and so satisfying! :D congratulations and thanks for sharing the story with us!
well done Angela!!!
WOW!!!! That's quite a spread.

<note to self: sign up for Pinterest already!>
Congrats Angela. This is huge. Please keep in touch and let us all know what is happening in your shop and how this has effected it.
Woo-hoo! Off to take a look. Congrats again, Angela.
Angela, can you send me a link for your Pinterest page please?
I sure will Janet... :)

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