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Etsy lawsuit

Found this online.

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good, i hope that etsy will not get rid of those items that people steel the copyrights on. the people took the time to make the item, market it, and deserve to get there fair shear.

i hope etsy can not hid behind the i just am a hosting service.
internet fun. yuck.
Yuck, patent trolls....
Get a decent job.
Blame the robots...

they are always looking for trouble..

wow. :(
It didn't sound like it had anything to do with that issue, Darby.
gotta love trolls...they are everywhere, making life oh so interesting.
any old time
you are correct. so please disregard my last statement. on the other part,. if you take others work they should be paid for it. on the troll, they purchased and asset and should be paid for on its use.

this is no different then the google vs oricle suit. microsoft buying up many companies, the whole aol sale to i forgot whom.

this is business and if you use what i own you should pay me for its use.

for all sellers, you make something and someone purchases it and they pay you for it. if you can copyright the item and then someone else uses it then you should be paid. if you sell your copyright then the holder of it should be paid.
I really don't like people who just file lawsuits for the sake of money. Seems to me that if you want to get a patent for something, that you need to make that something.

I don't think this has anything to do with people copying others' designs, etc. Just someone trying to get a fast dollar.

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