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God only knows how many times I've had to start all over again blue510,so ye for save as draft button!
It would be nice, but people have been saying that for awhile. It is better than it use to be, one click to get to the draft page instead of five edit pages and no draft page. If you computer keeps crashing, maybe you should look into getting a better computer... I've never had the problem of loosing work from that page.
Thanks for the encouagement and advice VaLon, but my computer is not crashing, I'm just busy and not the world's most organized person, so I fit Etsy in as I can. Sometimes I cannot stay with what I've started until finished. I'd like to save till I can pick it up again where I left off.
I'd like to be able to save a reslist as a draft prior to actually renewing the listing.

for first time listings what I'll do is just put a price in quickly and save it as a draft if I'm called away from the computer or the page. But sometimes I'm working on a listing and I see I have something in my activity feed and I excitedly click on it - only to realize I've not saved my draft........ ugh.
My workaround for this is that I immediately fill in the drop-down boxes, then I upload a stock photo that I have saved to my desktop to fulfill the "at least one photo" requirement. While the photo is uploading I write "BLANK" in all the written fields.

This way if I get interrupted I can easily hit the "preview" then "save draft" buttons quickly. When I go back, I see "BLANK" in the places I need to finish.

I learned the hard way that I need this workaround. Saves me loads of time :)
Yeah, Terri and Petite, these are the things that happen to me too and the fix I'm using. But gee, Etsy could make it all so much easier, & less time consuming.

Admittedly, I know little about computers, but it just doesn't seem like it would be such a big job for Etsy compared to the huge improvement for those of us 'getting by' with what we have to work with, be it old computers, little time, patience or knowhow, or whatever. They have improved so many things in just the past couple of years, wish they'd add this one.
Good idea! I always copy and paste all of my text before hitting that "preview listing" button as I fear losing my work to the error screen. This is a great idea to avoid those mishaps and the additional work.
I've done that too treasure. I really like to do one job at a time. I like to take all pics at once; then edit all pics; then I'd like to load all pics; then go back and do the one at a time thing. Save to Draft on the edit page would allow me to work in this manner.

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