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My color blind boyfriend argues with me over what color things are.

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:55pm May 15, 2012 EDT
It's true. To his credit, he can see some color, but has a hard time telling the difference between them- blue/purple, red/green, pastels/white. Yet he'll sit and argue with me over whether something is blue or purple, light pink or white. I know I'm right because I'm not colorblind, but he knows he's right because, well, I don't really know. lol.

My point is that there are often situations where two parties have very different opinions yet both are sure they're right. This can be a problem when dealing with buyers (especially over missing items, etc) as well as fellow sellers. How do you politely deal with someone who won't listen to what you're trying to say because they're so sure of themselves? And how do you keep an open mind when others are trying to explain themselves to you when you're sure you're right?

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Tell them you respect their right to their opinion, and you'll have to agree to disagree then leave it at that.

As for the open mind when you're sure you're right, we broaden our horizons and true learning takes place when you open your mind to other possibilities. Try to listen to their explanation, it just might be that there's some nugget of "right" in there, too. You gain a greater respect for, and from, others when you give weight to their thoughts and opinions. Even if what they're saying isn't right (grass really isn't pink unless it's Easter or there was a bizarre accident with a can of paint), just the fact that they know you're listening to them will keep things calmer and make them more open to communicate with you in the future.

Here's something to try, the next time you make something blue, ask your boyfriend "What do you think of the shade of purple on this?" If he then argues that it's blue, you know he's arguing just out of habit or for the sake of arguing and not making a valid point. If he responds with "That's a great purple, I really like it on that!" then you know he's just trying to express his opinions and believes in the points he's making.
I have the same problem with my husband! :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:15pm May 15, 2012 EDT
I am the one who is color blind, I have to ask my dh if something is black or dk green etc..I would never argue with someone who is not color blind about a color..I would be wrong every time.
Most men are color blind, seriously.
I have the same problem with my husband! Just yesterday... we were arguing over whether something was pink or yellow. I was totally sure it was pink and he was totally sure it was yellow. Neither of us have been diagnosed with color blindness... but, given that he's male and that his dad is partially color blind, my bet is on him! Ha ha!
It's simple, really, I just put myself in their shoes and ask myself how I would want the situation resolved if the roles were reversed.
respectfully disagree.
if it's a relative and an arguement that means nothing? I just let them be right. just drop it... it's so not worth arguing about.

if it's a buyer, well, that's a little different.

it is hard to know because each situation would be different.... but i would just admit that i could be mistaken and try to help them... unless it's something spelled out in the item description or in my policies...
My step-father's elderly mother used to finish arguments with "Have it your own goddamned ignorant way, but I know I'm right!".

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