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Tips for a beginner? Do you list items that don't ever sell?

I am completely new, and very young so I'm learning everything on my own as I go. I just had a few questions that maybe wiser more experienced sellers could help me out with?

Please keep in mind that I am adding items and am aware that my shop has little in and that's a major issue.

But do any of you ever list items and they expire and never sell? Is that something I should expect? Is it worth relisting?

How do you promote your store? Do you pay for advertising or would you suggest waiting to make a sale or two first before doing so? I have a facebook page and a twitter for my store.

And lastly, withing your "niche" how to find the item people want? It seems some people just get lucky and sell tons of one specific item that buyers seem to love? Is it just trial and error, or looking at what's popular...?

I'm sorry if these seem like stupid questions, but any help or advice is really appreciated!

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:04pm May 14, 2012 EDT
ALL I list are items that don't sell:)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:06pm May 14, 2012 EDT
I'm waiting to come into vogue...
hahahaha love the use of the word quirky :) you're just too far ahead of your time.. just wait for it. ;)
It is great that you have a twitter and Facebook page for your shop! Items are definitely worth relishing.
Okay thank you, I didn't know if it was worth to relist if no one bought it the first time.
Sorry about the typo. It is worth it to re-list items.
I don't relist everything that has expired. It varies. I've relisted a lot of things that haven't sold yet, but other listings didn't really get many views and I didn't feel like it was worth putting them back up. I may in the future though..

Facebook, twitter, blogging. There's lots of free sites to advertise but it can take time. Pinterest, Wanelo, etc etc. I would not look into paid advertising with only a few items in your shop though.. try to build up a good amount of inventory. It'll help you in getting found and make your shop feel more established.

The fun thing about having a brand new shop is that you have this nice clean slate to start with. Have fun! Experiment! If you don't quite know what people may want, try different things. Make something you enjoy making. Make different things. See what gets views and hearts. Look for advice and feedback. Following trends can be great inspiration but do something you enjoy.
I am also relatively new, but I got some great advice from more experienced etsy-ers. One was to add add add products to your shop. I'm currently working on adding to mine too - I only have like... 5 :(.
You and I are of like minds! Love your cute little snakes! I crochet stuff too, so I understand it's difficult to market amigurumi!
I opened this shop over a year ago, and I still have some items in my shop that were there on day 1. I keep renewing them because you just never know!

I promote my shop through facebook, twitter, pinterest, wanelo, my blog (when I remember it), business cards. I have not paid for advertising yet.

Before I opened my shop I spent several months making all kinds of jewellery. Slowly, I noticed that my pieces were beginning to look similar in style (lightweight, delicate, colourful, tiny stones etc.) That's when I knew I had found my own style and luckily, it seems to be a style that others like as well.

When you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming. Just have fun with it and let the ideas flow - it will all come together for you with the right combination of research, hard work and creativity.

Good luck!

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