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Listing Titles Short or Long

I need some advise from you "pros" who have experience in listing your items to be found. I don't know if I should keep it short and simple or if I should be creating longer titles. For example in one of my listings I have it is just listed as Memo Board. Should it read: Memo Board Note Board Message Board French Country Tuscan Decor?
Your tips would be greatly appreciated!

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I would say that "Memo Board" is too short, but what you offered as the alternative is too long and too repetitive.

Here's the best article on SEO I've seen, so hope it helps:

Memo Board is way to Vague....it will get lost in the sea...
"Memo Board for a Tuscan French Country Decor" ?
Then add "Message" Note etc as tags
I understand that google only picks up 90 characters and then penalizes if your titles are too long.
the more descriptive the better.
If you can describe it in 3 words go for it! If you need 30 words to describe it go for it! Ok maybe thats an exaggeration lol...
See this is what really confuses me......ie: Ann's listing for a cute, double heart, pewter, belt buckle.....when I looked up pewter belt buckle it never came up on any of the 6 pages ( luckily there were no more to hunt through ;)) Who in the world would search for "two hearts beat as one?"

What works best for me is to have as many keyword phrases in the title as I can get, organized as cohesively as I can, and repeat those keyword phrases in my tags.
You've really gotten some great tips. Thanks for that link to the post on Outright.com VintageRescueSquad. It's great!

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