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Thecraftstar works perfectly....

... for me. Easy, Fast...
But I see, that a lot of people are having problems.
I made it like this: When the login the first day did not work, I made a registry myself. Quickly I had my account and I listed 49 items in less than one hour from CSV making all necessary changes. Than I stopped, because I found it ridiculous, that 50% of all thecraftstar was filled with my items. Now, two days later, still less than 800 items. Am I magic???? The only person, where it works great?
BTW: I like the fact, that it is an "Etsy clone"... it is so easy to handle for me (with Artfire, Zibbet, daWanda it took me hours for checking, how the tools work, where to put what.
What minds, if it looks similar? Why should one reinvent the wheel? Why not buying a good product, if it is legit with the copyrights? I did not understand, that they want to be completeIy different from Etsy. What I understood is, that they love Etsy, but don´t want the R´s. love this design, it is even cleaner and the white background fits perfectly with my item fotos.

Please don´t kill me!

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Haha! This is the first nice thing i've read about Thecraftstar!

Glad it worked well for you and hope you get some sales out of it!

I may give it a try too, though not yet, still too much to be done here.

Good luck and good one for being positive!
P.S I absolutely adore your shop.
I did the very same thing and it went smoothly for me too.
I can't even get on the site to look at anything it keeps on telling me the site is under maintenance. That is so strange
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:49 pm May 15, 2012 EDT
That is great to hear! I reserved my shop name but have been waiting for them to iron out all the kinks before I even try logging in.
Not crazy about how it looks, I mean that they can add a little color in there...but I will give it a try!
ok, finally got on to thecraftstar, it looks alot like etsy even the shop's themselves with the who favorites and etc. facebook and twitter. The tagging sucks, I typed in jewelry box and only found jewelry.
I guess it will take time. But it definately looks just like it is here.
It took me all day to upload one item, and now I can't edit the description. :[ And when I tried to send them a message about it through their contact form the message failed to send. I'm not impressed! And now their facebook page is claiming that someone deliberately sabotaged their grand opening. I like to keep an open mind and give them a chance to prove themselves, but I'm not going to deny, my eyebrows raised very high reading that. Also, I called it a few days before the opening that their website would crash because of too much traffic. I really think they are making tons of mistakes and I'm not going to make any effort to build up a store there until they've figured things out.
I got on it this morning but it was very slow moving.

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