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Urgent - Everyone should read this!

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:22 am May 16, 2012 EDT
I was very nearly scammed, a woman said she wanted to buy one of my wedding dresses, she wanted it sent by courier across the world for $450. She then sent me a fake email from PAYPAL ( I knew it was fake cos even tho it looked really real, it has spelling mistakes!) Telling me that 1,400 was 'pending' in my account, of course in my account there was nothing. This was 450 for the courier and 700 for the dress. Then without the money being cleared she wanted me to send 450 to some fake courier, then the rest of the money would be released- TOTAL SCAM, sellers beware, never send money off before you recieve any!! I didnt, I realised something was up due to the spelling mistakes !

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Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you weren't take in!
yeah..this is a scam that has been around...thanks for the heads up..
I'm so glad you didn't get scammed! :o)
Good thing you weren't taken it...sadly, some still fall for these scams :(
Thank you for the warning! It's a pity that we have to watch out for things like that. I'm so happy that you didn't fall for it though!
thanks for the warning!
Thanks for posting. There will always be scams like this one around here on etsy.
You know I never use the email to see it a payment has arrived I use the etsy sold section. If the money is pending from paypal it will say right there and if they have paid while when I go to print their shipping label it will show me the money is in there. I guess I'm glad I never give emails much credience. Thank you for sharring with us.
The very same happened to me. I was selling a car and a 'prospective buyer' contacted me (this wasn't an auction site but an ads site) and after they ask for
The best price I would do they said they'd pay buly PayPal and pay to ship it to their country. I smelled a rat and cut off contact after that. I wasn't sure how they'd scam me via PayPal but I wasn't gonna let em try. The OP has answered my question about the how!
You have to be very wary these days
Glad you weren't scammed. Did you forward it to PayPal or whoever the proper reporting authority would be?

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