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I am trying so hard to take a day off. It's my birthday. (I'm 24)

Although I love it dearly, all I ever do now is work on the shop. It's like I have forgotten how to relax. What do you do when your head is spinning with work and you know you should take a day off?

I'd rather have a good birthday sale than a birthday party! <----- it's happened, I'm old. :(

I am planning on taking a trip today to the riverside and sitting on a rock, in nature. I know I will be collecting little river stones and driftwood to make beads out of the whole time though. *sigh*

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I am having a drink to celebrate your birthday !
why not just go out for the day, doesnt matter where you go, just OUT.
the riverside sounds fabulous, make yourself a picnic lunch !

Happy Birthday!!

The riverside sounds lovely - maybe try and switch off and just enjoy the nature and not collect anything. Or go somewhere where you know you won't be inclined to be thinking about work and collecting items for your work.

I struggle so much with switching off these days, so I can completely relate! I find it's good to force yourself away from work stuff and into something different to try and change your focus.

I hope you manage to have a lovely day! :)
Happy birthday. That sounds lovely vinocat
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you! enjoy your day, take a well deserved break from work. Enjoy a glass of wine or tea and just celebrate your accomplishment and congratulate yourself.
Take a break! Twenty-anything is not OLD!!!
Happy Birthday, take the day off and enjoy yourself your shop will be here tomorrow!
Sounds like the best way to spend your b-day... Sitting on a rock by the riverside. I envy you a little at the moment and... No, believe me, you are not old! You may say that again when you have my age *grin*.

Forget Etsy for at least a day ! Etsy will be here when you return, becoming 24 is a one time event.

Enjoy your day!
Aw, thank you all.

I like the idea of a picnic lunch and a bit of chai. :)

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