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Using your blog to promote your shop on Etsy - how to start?

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Thanks Ron! Great advice!
Definitely put up an etsy mini, and maybe blog about your inspiration, what it's like to make your items, when you're considering new packaging, when you have new product, etc. I had a blog for many years before I opened my etsy shop, and occasionally blog about etsy.
Sara Hunter, I started a web page through ipage and I really like the drag and drop site builder. You can do a blog page on your web page as well as galleries and slide shows. I did a slide show with sold items and linked each picture to the listing on etsy. I also did a currently for sale page and linked each picture to the listing on etsy also. It is nice to have the blog on the web site because people who go their can look at my for sale items if they choose and it is not pushy. I also did a customer feedback page and linked it to my etsy feedback.
I use blogger for my blog. It has my etsy mini for both of my shops and other links in the sidebar as well as tabs across the top for various aspects of my business.

My posts run from gardening tips to my "design this" series where I talk about the development of custom orders. I show a pic of the work in progress and the finished items with general info about my process without giving away "trade secrets". Since your shop items tie into what you have been blogging about OP, it sounds like it would be easy to write a post about a topic with a link for someone to check out a related item in your shop.
I was blogging for over a year before I opened the shop, so I just added the etsy mini and posted about my new shop. My followers were really excited for me. Some orders came from there initially too.
I do know what you mean. I try not to have too many posts about new items in the shop, but they're there. And i was posting what I made before, so now it may also say it's in my shop.
Some of my favorite blogs I found through etsy, and some of my favorite shops I found through blogs. I have never felt like any bloggers were being pushy by posting new items. Actually, I'm usually excited about it because I like to help support my blog friends and love their art and crafts.
I am off to check out your blog!
ps. your life looks great! Can I come live on the farm! :0)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:01pm May 16, 2012 EDT
My blog serves several purposes. I have links to my social media, my Etsy shop and teams I'm on. I also blog about projects I'm working on, announcements my fans and followers might need to know and other fun things happening in my little corner of the web.
I don't have a blog yet, but one of these days I'll start. And I have every intention of "giving away" how to do some of my products. Hey, before I was retired I was always interested in the "how to." But if I needed a gift or even something for myself, most of the time I just didn't have time to make the items I might be reading and dreaming about doing, so I bought them. I expect that others reading my (future) blog would likely be in the same situation. While one is still working, let's face it, many people's time to do all these things is limited.

Also, I expect that my tutorials on the types of things I make would be geared to the beginner or intermediate stitcher. I expect that I'll have similar designs but including more advanced techniques in my shop. So again, I expect there will be enough people who would prefer the more complex designs that I'd still get a boost in sales from it in spite of the number who might choose to follow my instructions and make their own more simple design.
Make a few goals for the blog. What do you want it to do for you? Make sales by selling your product? Capture traffic? Create a community? A goal will allow you to aim your efforts and writing in a particular direction.

Create a routine. This will help you stick to writing as often as needed and write within a certain amount of time. That way it does not take up more time than it has to.

Wordpress is great but a bit complex at first. But since you've been blogging for a while should be alright. If not there are a lot of quality videos that show you how to manage your way around the dashboard, specifically the settings, near the bottom of the page on the left.

One of the biggest issue bloggers might miss is their perma link structure. Make sure you select a custom structure and input proper code so your url's are better suited for SEO. (youtube video for instructions)

Your products and market are great for blogging. They represent solutions to problems. I notice one of your products had a herbal claim to relieve stress. That's a topic that would make a great article and a great way to offer your product as a solution. Many of the problems your products help would make great articles. Offer a good amount of quality tips.

You can also create videos to post as blog posts. Using video seo those videos can rank for competitive keywords easier than text content.

The best thing about a blog is the ability to add an opt in form at some point and actually capture traffic that you generate. This is one of the best ways to generate sales. Via email marketing. Your blog is well suited to offer a free ebook in exchange for people signing up for an e-newsletter you could easily produce. The key is offer great content on a regular basis and every once in a while promote your etsy shop and products.

On-Page SEO for blog posts will need more consideration than an etsy shop or product listing. Etsy has a set structure. With a blog it's up to you to structure your blog correctly and structure your posts. (research on -page seo checklist) There are some sites that will grade your site for seo also. Giving you reference points on what needs attention.

Hope this helps. Much success to you.
if it is tasteful done there is nothing wrong about promoting your shop on your blog, mine came after i opened shop on Etsy, but i mostly post about how i make things, recepies, photos and other things, mine is not very big but thats ok, it is more for family and friends and people that are genuinely interested in me

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