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Raise prices and Eliminate Shipping Charges....?

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I actually just did this. I have 2 other stores off etsy and did a test on free shipping in one and found it went well so have (in the last two days) done the same here. I made the free shipping world wide so it means with some countries I will lose out a bit but for customers in the US and UK (which is where most of my sales were from) they will actually get a saving of 2 dollars an item.
I had shipping included for about a month, I noticed a huge dip in sales. The fact that you have free shipping isn't visible when the customer is browsing the way it is on Ebay. When someone is scrolling through the items they might pass over your product if the price they see is higher than your competitors, even if the final price is lower because of the included shipping costs.
You may be onto something... I've notice that items in admin MaryMary's shop all ship free, anywhere. She does the monthly Merchandising updates here (so she must know what she's doing).
It might work for some with higher priced items ,but for others with low priced items it would make the item look to expensive .But myself i would rather just add shipping ...
My sense is there's almost an expectation on eBay to provide free shipping, because so many people do it.

I don't think that's the case here.

There's a seller in my field who does free worldwide shipping and to my mind, the prices are outrageous. I find it off-putting.
Etsy doesn't work like Ebay :) It's okay to charge a reasonable amount of shipping .
I have found that eliminating shipping charges hasn't ever brought me more sales, but having a nominal shipping price does, especially if additional items are no extra shipping cost.

It seems to encourage people to buy something else right then since they don't have to pay extra shipping for another item (which they would have to do if they came back and bought another day).
I will never do this because there is no such thing as free shipping. If you "make more" on an item, all you're doing is taking that extra money and putting it towards shipping and handling. So you don't actually see that extra money.
Buyers understand that shipping does cost money. By rolling the shipping price into the purchase price they don't get the advantage of a shipping discount for buying multiple items at one time.
I personally don't buy from shops that offer free shipping for that reason. I would rather see upfront what I'm actually paying.
To each his own though...
I'm likely going to put part of my shipping charges into a product line I'm hoping to start selling soon.

My charges for my switch plates are reasonable, because they're flat (anything over 3/4" in Canada is considered a package and the costs go 4x). This new line won't be flat, so the shipping charges are going to be a lot.

I can't compete with U.S. sellers unless I roll some of the charges into the item price.

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