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HELP! Lost package!

OK! So the tracking number says it was delivered yesterday. However, the buyer has not received it. This has never happened to me before, and I've never really paid that much attention to threads with this topic....SOOOO....what do I need to do? I can refund and redo the order certainly (and I will do so if that's the only option), but I would like to figure out what happened. It was a custom order and really took some time to complete. Can anybody help me out and tell me what my first steps need to be? Thanks so much!

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contact the delivery post office and ask the carrier about it. maybe it was delivered to the wrong address. Possibly it was scanned delivered and accidentally brought back to the post office. Both of those have happened to me.

Most recently my carrier picked it up and scanned 2 packages delivered, instead of accepted.
Ask the addressee to ask her immediate neighbors if they got it by mistake.
Ok, how do you go about finding out the delivery post office? This was shipped to Las Vegas...is there a way I can look that up online? I'm assuming there are more than one post office in a city that size?
Wouldn't the info regarding which PO be w/ the tracking info?
First, the pkg may have been marked yesterday but not yet actually delivered. Don't jump the gun. Ask the customer to let you know if it shows up today, and if not, have her give you the post office street name so you can look up the phone number and call them right away to inquire as to its whereabout
I've also had this happen and first asked the buyer if the package could have been left somewhere other than the mailbox (front door, neighbor, etc.) or to check with their postal carrier or post office. If the tracking number shows it was delivered, the carrier had to have scanned the package before leaving it, so it was delivered somewhere.
Not always, sometimes they scan it in the po and it doesn't actually get delivered
But it will be delivered, they don't scan it as delivered and keep it at the post office.
Yes actually they do Dawn, read my first post. It was an error of course, the carrier scanned it delivered but brought it back to the post office.

I know, the package in question was coming TO me and I sure didn't have it.

OP just call any post office in Las Vegas and ask.

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