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Places to sell other then etsy...?

I have been trying to get my shop known to more people and to get more then one sale, and thought that opening a shop on other similar websites to etsy might help.

Are there any other websites just as good or even better that you could recommend? Or would I be better off to just sticking and promoting the shop on etsy?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Artfire is a common one, and there are lots of other handmade-specific sites out there. If you Google them, you'll probably find a whole bunch. Then if you're looking for reviews, you can put the site name into the forum search field here to find what other have commented about them.

I sell a couple items on TopHatter, but I really only do that to either test the response to a new style or to get rid of inventory that's been sitting around for years. I don't expect to make a profit on TopHatter, but I usually get my money back for the materials. The only items that really make a profit on TopHatter are things that are really popular with the bidders - everything else goes at a much lower price than on Etsy usually.
Thank you, I will take a look Artfire and see what others I can find through Google and searching the forums :)
You just opened, give yourself some time here to get established and develop a customer base.

Go to the Forum search here on Etsy and type in the name of the site you are considering.
Read the threads about that site.
Also, go to whatever site you choose to consider and look at the shops that sell in the same category as your items. See if shops there are actually making sales.
Some sites have a " free" period in which you can sign up and try it out for a short period of time. However, some require your Credit Card information when signing up for the free trial. there have been instances of sites charging credit cards even when the shop owner decides the site is not for them. Kind of like those magazine subscription things where you get a few issues and then cancel, but they still try to bill you

So you may want to just sign up as a buyer first,, visit their Forums and get the "lay of the land" as to policy, bugs, etc.,before giving out billing information.

Some sites have free listings for the first so many products and will permit you to link back to your Etsy shop. An example of this is Zibbet who permits 50 free listing and they will let you link back to your Etsy shop. More than 50 listings, you pay a monthly fee, but also get more features.

I have a shop here on Etsy, my own stand alone, one on Zibbet, and 2 elsewhere, where there are some fundamental service issues.

I have found that if you spread yourself too thin, none of your shops do well.
I am concentrating on the ones that are making sales, are reputable sites, have little to no bugs. and will be letting some go as paid up time expires.

When choosing a site, consider the owners, do your own independent research, and what type of site you feel would best represent your
business to the public.

Etsy has millions of members and those members shop here
That is what is called internal traffic, along with the people who find you through internet searches called external traffic..

Many other sites that charge by the month have little to no internal traffic and you must promote your shop , on your own, to internet searches for customers to find you. Much more work and more expensive.

Also, once you get above a flat $10 a month fee for a shop on a selling venue, that only brings in external traffic from internet searches , you may just want to set up your own stand alone through a site that does not control what you sell or your business policies. This seems scary to some, but is quite simple and easy to do.
Many of those start around $12 a month and go up depending on the features you want. You still have to promote your stand alone to internet search traffic, like you would on a selling site that only has external traffic, but you are totally in control and probably will pay about the same. These styes are similar to Intuit, which you have probably heard advertised, but there are many others that are out there.

Instead of opening another venue you can work on setting up your own website to sell from. You could use site such as:


If you click on my profile and visit my blog, I have a huge list of selling venues you can check out on the right side bar.
Here is a link to the top 5 selling sites.
Etsy is the first, no surprise.
Hope it helps:

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:43 pm May 22, 2012 EDT
Focus on establishing your business offline.
Good idea, establishment off line.
We did shows first for 26 years, of course there were no on line selling sites until recently.
Now our show customers come here if they don't want to wait until they see us next year to buy.
Thanks for that article, Brushy.

I notice that the average price per item has gone up significantly, from $16 to $20 since I opened my vintage shop and started taking this seriously.
Thomas, the single best piece of advice I ever got was to list more unique items.

You have 29. You are a long way from maximizing your exposure here.

IMO, better to have one really healthy, full basket than a bunch of half tended to ones.

And yeah, a standalone is great. I use blogger, which is free, for mine. Now that it has pages, I can get all the info my customers need. AND I attached Etsy Mini to it, so they can come here and see what else I have.

And don't forget to use social networking to direct people to your shop.

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