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Stolen listings

A shop in China has duplicated two of my listings, with my photos, and claims to be selling my product. These listings are exact duplicates, only the shop name is different. Her pictures are of my products. Any advice on how to get them off her shop site?


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What is their plan if they sell it??? Is it the same price as yours?
Yes, same price. I have put a lot of work into building a brand around my product. I'm afraid someone's going to buy a piece of junk from them and think it came from my shop.
Here? If so, just write them and ask them to remove the pictures and text... that is what I did. They removed them, then put them back... it took 3 times, and threat to report them...
Man...I don't know what you do. I would contact them and order them to remove my items but if they don't, which they probably won't, I don't know what you can do.
I contacted Etsy, but they said I have to file an intellectual properly claim. Are photos and words in a listing considered intellectual property? If they want to knock-off my product, at least they should show their own product, not mine.
Send a cease and desist. both to the store and to etsy. If they are using your photos, your words, and your product, then it is a clear violation.
Good advice--I'm going to compose a cease and desist to both.

Thanks everyone.
Using your photos and your exact description qualify under an intellectual property claim. Start the process.
I think you have to show proof that the photos were originally yours somehow. There is a procedure in the help section for intellectual propery violations. Is the shop on Etsy? If not, then you'll have to seek out other avenues.

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