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So discouraged by shipping prices

I try to price my goods so that they will sell quickly, and I always use the UPS quote tool to figure out a rough shipping cost so that I do not take a hit for sending the items. (if it is off by a few dollars, whatever).

Today I take a recently sold item to the UPS store to get a box for it and ship it out, and because the "stock" size of the box that will hold my item is a bit larger in each dimension, my shipping tripled in cost! BS!!!!

What is the purpose of having a quote tool on their website. I am so discouraged! I would love some tips.

How do I ship product accurately and effectively??? I don't feel like people will pay as much for shipping as they do for their items? Do I build the cost in more?


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You might want to find smaller items to sell. Or if you find larger items,,work it into your price. I think people are getting used to higher shipping prices.
I use usps to ship my items and I usually measure my item and look for a box that is closest to the item and use that measurement to avoid any extra fees. oh and the weight I always round up by like 1 or two ounces just to make sure. As for you though, since your items are huge, I think people will understand that shipping will be a butt load so I would put in the price accordingly. but idk :P
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Adam you really need to sign up for something like Fed ex's Shiprush. It will allow you to print your label at home and Fedex bills your account when it's delivered. We drop our packages off at a fed ex package mailer in our town. But they will even pick up if you call ahead. You can save up to 25% by printing your label through Shiprush. It's also free to sign up.
Linda, I will check that out. I will also check out that pricing workshop they held tonight too. Perhaps my prices, can take an increase.

Thanks for listening to all of you!!!

Can you ship via USPS instead of UPS? I shipped larger items to a family member using UPS and then when I shipped same size again using USPS I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was. You can still insure with USPS.
We use FedEx Ground for large and/or heavy stuff. Their rates are better than UPS. Or try USPS parcel post.
This is why I love small and lightweight.

Sorry to hear You`re dealing with this :(
That would make me so mad! Perhaps you might want to bring your heavier items in before listing and have them priced by the PO?
I use FedEx ground & have had good experiences. A half an inch in box size can up the shipping costs more than double & triple depending on shipping location.

Try to box the item & measure the box yourself (it ends up measuring larger than the box states on the bottom) & use those dimensions with the calculator. With floral arrangements, they just are pricey to ship. I try to make things that fit into one of 4 boxes that I keep in stock, so it is easier for the future, to estimate cost if you know the box size. Weight doesn't matter too much when you have oversize boxes.

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