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So discouraged by shipping prices

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Adam...we've all been there. Think we calculated correctly then had to eat costs of extra postage <grrr>. Remember that if you raise your price there will be extra PayPal fees (taken out of item cost not shipping cost).

Good luck...it's an ongoing game that makes me crazy!
I can't believe how much money and time I wasted before we got a scale and started printing our own labels out of paypal...now I only have to stand in line at the post office if it's a really big item.

I also have friends who save boxes for us...even though we have to buy certain sizes, it saves a lot to have a stash of boxes that you don't have to buy-just takes up some room to store them...

Hope these tips help-best wishes for your success!
Hey everyone, check this stuff out!!!! I think I am going to order it and it will save me on the headache of making sure my items are packed safely!



are those air bags? Lol bringing this back up after 3 days :|
I stay away from UPS. I took an item to be shipped there and the shipping came to just a few dollars less then the price of the actual item itself! I learned my lesson and now use USPS only.
Adam, those can get very expensive. Where I work we get boxes from one publisher that uses these and although they are nice they're horrible for the environment and also they are very expensive ( 5-6 dollars each)! ( to top it off you would have to use 2-3 at a time for packing well. You would be better off getting bubble wrap and biodegradable peanuts for your shipping. Also, it would be good for you to invest in multi depth boxes www.uline.com/BL_407/Multi-Depth-Boxes or a box reducer www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-101/Carton-Tool/Carton-Sizer if you decide to buy a stock box.
Good luck!!
This is why I love USPS flat rate shipping. No estimating needed as long as I know which box/envelope I need. Plus they give you a discount for paying for and printing your label online. I add a dollar or so onto my shipping price to cover the cost of the high grade velvet display boxes I put my jewelry into and for additional bubble wrap (okay, I'm a little paranoid!) but that's it. Flat rate shipping automatically ship priority, so that means they get it in 2-3 days, which is great.
On top of that, most of their boxes and envelopes can be shipped to your house for FREE, and you get 10 per order. You only pay when you print your label online. It's made my life so easy!

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