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Is hand sewing something just as good as maching sewing?

I have a question. I have started sewing dog collars to donate to my local animal shelter. I bought a sewing machine but to be honest, I am just not too good at it. If I hand sewed the dog collars, do you think they would last and work just as well as a machine sewed collar? I will be making lots of different sizes. Thank you for your help!

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I love to sew by hand. I'd just make sure to use a heavy thread and small stitches. What lucky dogs..........
Thank you Kathy! Do you have a heavy thread you recommend?
You'll need tough fingers and metal thimbles to get that needle through all those layers of fabric. For a heavy thread you could use button hole thread...but I'd run to my machine real fast to make those collars. You'll spend a long time hand stitching as compared to zipping along on a machine. Just IMHO. I also love to sew by hand, but not denim or other appropriately tough fabrics for a dog collar. Yikes! Whatever you do...make it fun.
You may not be comfortable with your sewing machine, but with practice it will save you loads of time, as well as saving your precious fingers. I would think dog collars would be pretty much straight line sewing. Get some fabric scraps and play with your stitch length to get it just right.
Hand sewing seems to have held up longer over years--look at the centuries old clothing that's stood the test of time, long before sewing machines! Prepare for calluses, use sturdy needles and heavy thread, and you'll do fine. I'd still keep working on getting used to a machine--you'll enjoy flying on one! I hated machines for a long while, but now wouldn't part with them unless I had to.
I'm not real good at hand sewing, so I couldn't hand stitch a whole doll body! :o) I definitely prefer machine sewing to hand sewing..but maybe give yourself a chance to learn your sewing machine. Good luck! :o) And, how sweet of you to help the doggies!
Are you using nylon webbing or fabric? You might not be using the correct needle in your machine for whatever fabric you have and that could cause some real frustrations. For a dog collar, I'd think using a machine would result in the end quality most people are looking for.
Keep using your machine, really - it just takes practice. I was an awful seamstress when I first started, but with practice I got a lot better.

No problem with doing hand stitching, but it will take up more of your time.

Maybe try sewing some other items to get used to the machine? You know, ones that don't matter so much if the stitching is a little off?
The time your machine will save you in the long run should be worth investing some time now in learning how to sew better with your machine. Maybe you could practice with some simple things like napkins? That is how I taught myself how to use my machine

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