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ok to donate proceeds to a charity?

I know that etsy does not have a feature like ebay that allows you to directly donate proceeds to a charity but is it permissible to list in your description that upon purchase partial proceeds will be donated?

I was recently approached by a buyer wanting silk head scarves as she is recovering from chemotherapy so I started making colorful head scarves but I'd like to donate partial proceeds to American Cancer Society

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You sure can.

Here's Etsy's guidelines for charitable donations:

Its totally up to you to do what you wish to do with your profits.

But if you are mentioning any specific charity in your listings, you should probably have permission from that charity to use their name first
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:09 am May 23, 2012 EDT
Awesome. I'll be doing the same one day (when I'm not so indebted from starting this!) :) Props to you!
Your money, your choice. I donate proceeds to adopting families through Reece's Rainbow through very specific necklaces in my shop. I see a LOT of sellers doing the same. It creates a wonderful community with your customers to bond over something as meaningful as charitable work and it allows me to give back and donate a lot of money when I otherwise cannot afford to do so.
I donate some of my proceeds in my other shop.

I also added a link in my announcement to the donation page on the organizations website so the buyer knows that I actually donate the money :)
Here's an example of one design that I make in which almost all the money is donated to a specific child my family chose to support:
In my other shop (illustration prints), I donate a portion of my dog portrait sales to the Oregon Humane Society and, in accordance with Etsy's TOUs, I first got their permission so I could use their organization's name in the listing. Feels great to give back :)
I donate all proceeds to a little girls treatment currently and I have made a few treasuries on the topic of charity (folks who give proceeds or duplicate items to charity) there's a lot of charity on etsy ;)
I also have been planning this for one item, that I'm making for my shop right now. It might take a while to get it listed because it is such a big project to make and I also have to find the right charity that I would be donating the money. Has anyone of you had any experience with the huge organizations, like Unicef or WWF? I just think it might be harder for get the permission from them?

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