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I hate to sound like a cheerleader- but...

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I really like it! It's nice to know that if something sells in the night that it doesn't sit there unrenewed until morning. :)
I LOVE it.
I don't have a lot of duplicates but I do have some. This will definitely help, since I kept missing the ones I needed to relist.
Actually, I found that it was more beneficial to me in some cases to keep multiple listings for the same item during busy times. I then arrange my shop so that some items show up on each page, ensuring that the customer can see bestsellers at all times. "Featured" listings only show on page 1, so it's nice to have some stuff show up multiple times.

However, for other items I will definitely take advantage of this feature-- especially during busy times!
I like it from a shoppers stand point. Now if I want more then 1 of something I can go ahead and order them and don't have to convo seller and wait to order.
I like it for some of my items which I repeat. But the majority of my clothing is OOAK.
For me it won't matter since my items are all OOAK, but I can see how it would benefit supply shops etc. It certainly will be nice for me as a shopper as I do buy some supplies here.
I love it! Mostly for the reason that people are buying multiple quantities at a time, where before we had to set up a custom listing and no one really wants to go through the hassle of doing that. But if I pre-paid for multiples, sometimes some of them would expire and I'd lose all of that multiples money. So yes, I'm loving the change.
I love it...I actually get a good night's sleep now not worrying that I need to renew something so it's back in my shop. lol During the Valentine's season when I was crazy busy I would wake up every few hours to check my phone to see if I had sales. Not good!

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