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new girl on etsy

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here... I am brand new to etsy, and selling my designs online. If anyone has any useful or positive advice to throw in my direction, I'd certainly appreciate it. Looking forward to shopping in your stores and doing happy business together. I also happen to have a facebook page where you could get a more clear style of my work, and new items to come:)


Good times,

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Very sweet shop Gena, have fun with Etsy!
Such beautiful models :) Are those your daughters?
Welcome to Etsy Gena! Your items are pretty, keep listing :P

some initial thoughts on your pictures....

I found the lighting to be a bit harsh, in the first picture of some of them. I would move into the light. Also, the second picture is confusing, what exactly are you selling there? third picture is nice but since you are selling online, you really need to use all 5 pictures up. Feel free to wander through my shop for some ideas on how to do this. Basically your pictures replace your customers hands. So you want to make sure you take pictures from any and all angles so that they can see what the item looks like.

Another thing, a big no no is putting the purpose of the item in your tags. For instance one of them you say birthday gift girls, that's a given, everyone on etsy can be that. So tags like that are not allowed.
Thanks Mystarrrs:) That is my daughter, one pic was made to look like there was two of her... going for that split personality thing. I think I'll have fun here, or at least get very inspired.
Good luck! :) and welcome!
Hi Gena! Welcome!
I love yout items.

It's really important to write your shop policies.

If you want to improve your shop look, make yourself a nice banner. You can buy it on Etsy or you can make one. I used this site to make my own banner:

You need more items so you could reach more buyers.

Work on your tags.

Good luck dear!
btw, your facebook link doesn't work
Welcome to Etsy.
Welcome! Wish you many sales!!

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