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I was so excited.. and then discouraged..

Last night before I went to bed (around 2am) I already had 50 views and 9 favorites. I really don't know where they all came from, but I was excited! 50 in 2 hours is amazing for me!

I went to bed, then checked again around 10am. I saw 179 views and 19 favorites!!! Wow!

A minute later, I realized I had set my stats to "past 7 days" before I went to bed, and it stayed there. When I fixed it, it turned out I had only had 1 new view.

I shouldn't be discouraged, I know that. But my traffic always comes at the strangest times, and never when I'm actually doing any promoting. Oh well, I guess I'll take what I get. One day I'll have over 100 views again. :-)

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If you want a larger number of views...add more items for sale:)
I hate it when i do that. I get excited for a moment and then realize i had changed it to last 7 days. I have had really low views lately and it is a bit discouraging but I know it will pick back up eventually. Good luck!
lol I can sympathize Huggie, I've done the exact same thing, more than once.
I have almost 300 items to get just over 100 views a day, I can't imagine it with only six items.
Lol, I feel like such a goof. I have several more items made, and make more every day. But I have a big show coming up in about a month, and I'm worried that I won't have enough inventory. I'm torn about which venue to put more focus on.

I'm aiming for 1 new listing every day. Hopefully that will keep things steady for me. :-)
Wire, I used to get over 100 views a day with about 20 items. I think they were mostly from FB friends, though. It seems like it's taking forever to get my listings up, though. I put my shop on vacation while I focused on finals last semester, and I've got a lot of catching up to do. Lol
I've done that too. You have such cute stuff, I think if you had more listed your shop would really take off.
LOL! Oh Huggie! You've got some more views and likes now. Real ones ;-)

As Jana said, you definitely should add some more items. Your paper flowers are beautiful and so are your clothespins. Head up!
Been there...done that! :)

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