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Considering closing my own web site

I have been running my business (not very successfully) from my own domain website for quite some time - part time. I began my Etsy shop this year and am already doing fair business for being new here. I am in a situation now where I really need to start supporting myself from my business due to health issues.

What I am thinking of doing is shutting down my own web site (leaving a place marker that points to Etsy) and filling the Etsy shop to it's gills and concentrating only on this one venue - possibly even opening a second shop.My Etsy sales and traffic are far better than the website, and the website costs considerably more to run.

Does anyone who has there own domain have any advice before I would do this? Am I shooting myself in the foot closing down an existing domain with decent daily traffic (but not a lot of sales) ?

Thank you for any thoughts

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:04 pm May 27, 2012 EDT
Michele, What are your costs of the website right now... per month? With proper SEO, it could be a great place to promote yourself. Perhaps it just needs an overhaul?
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:05 pm May 27, 2012 EDT
PS... You have some great herbal products in your shop! :)
I, for one, am going the opposite way.

It's never a good idea to limit yourself to just one venue online.
What I find is, that when my sales are down here, they're up on my website and I now have multiple daily sales with both together.
It's working for me quite nicely.
Remember, longevity as well as all the other SEO,keyword,promo and marketing stuff will help in keeping those sales numbers up.
I did the reverse; established myself on etsy and am now setting up my own site. Right now; I'm in the process of setting it up and not getting much traffic; but once it's finished; I'll be directing my own traffic through promotional efforts there. I can also sell things there that I can't sell here; fully complete shaving brushes that go with shaving soap; for example. Makeup brushes with makeup. So it will be a different focus; more of a complete shopping experience. It's going to take time, but I see it becoming a great supplement to etsy and eventually....my sole focus along with wholesale. It's good to have other options in your back pocket.
The website is costing me about $400 per year, plus another $20 or so per month for SEO related fees (analytics, etc)

I might have an opportunity to open a stick shop locally soon - which is another reason I've given thought to keeping the site as well. You know, when you have the world turned upside down very quickly, you have to question everything.

Thank you L Smith :)

Mia, I think you could be right with the SEO and marketing. I have done pretty well with SEO here on Etsy, which could be the difference. Not as well on my site so far because it is just so big. I should have more time now to work with it. Also have really not marketed at all yet. I've had a following for years and they are my customers - have only added maybe 4 additional customers to the site.

Brandi, That was another issue if I would close the site - I have so many imported herbs that I cannot resell on Etsy until I've made something from them.

Thank you all - I'm going to rethink this thanks to your advice :)
I agree with LSmith, if the cost isnt too much, I would keep it, maybe pay someone to help you with seo and back links, etc.
Also do work here, try to get money coming in from both places.

Michele, of course you have to go with what you think is best. Just something to consider - would it be possible to change your domain host by going to GoDaddy or one of the other lower cost servers, and convert your website to a blog? It wouldn't even have to be an "official" one - just where you could comment daily, add links to other sites you'd like to mention, add occasional pics or daily thoughts... updating your content frequently brings you way up on Google, etc. They *like* new/fresh content - very much. Then you could build a dual presence on the web, and build traffic. Even if you direct people to your Etsy shop(s) from your own site, you'd be adding traffic with it. If you upload frequently, anyway.

Something to think about?
I enjoy having my own website (since 2000) because I have complete control over everything. I would never get rid of it because if I decide not to sell on other venues (including Etsy), I'll still have my website. My business cards show my official website also.
I think you need to look into your hosting site. My website and rights to my domain name cost me about $20 per year. I do not sell off of it yet but I doubt that just adding a shop would bump my bill up $380

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