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favoriting then disappearing?

I've had this happen twice in the past week. Someone would favorite multiple items in my shop, it would show up in my feed, and when I click on their name to see their profile (because I like to see who favorites my items) I get a "user does not exist" message. Huh? These people seriously have a few hundred thousand favorites. Where did they go?

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I suppose if you read any of the threads that have been on the Forums over the last few days you would realise that there are a number of fake spammers who are favouriting people's items and Etsy Admin have been working hard to close down these accounts! However they open again with other accounts. You get the "Uh Oh" because the page has been removed by Admin.
I actually thought business was picking up again.....been unusually slow. ..but only to find out they were spammers.
i had one of those today. weird. what benefit do they get?
They are hoping that you will click to find who favorited your item. You will then see a sales pitch for their services and of course if you buy - that's how they benefit.
Oh, i've been wondering the same thing, one person favorited all of my items a few hours ago. I thought that was strange, then i checked his profile, and he's gone already. Why are they doing this? What's the use of this?
They are Spammers, check out the numerous threads in the past few days.
they got the boot from admin because they are spammers. The guess is they are bots, but I'm not sure about the bot part.
it has been a wild ride for the last couple of days

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