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Craft Show Tips?

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I hope your space is inside! Most of our craft shows, especially the bigger established ones, are outside - in the rain - and the wind!!! lol! Not pretty!
If you don't sell anything then take it as a learning experience. Think about what you could have done differently. What did other sellers do that you liked? (You can even ask the head of the craft fair what they suggest you do differently for the future).

Use it as a networking experience. You don't have to sell anything to make new friends! ;)

I wish you the best of luck! xo
I agree on the varying heights of things, it grabs attention and customers can see your items from a ways away and it will draw them in.

I like a table cloth, then I put my extra product and empty boxes underneath and they don't show.

Some business cards in a little dish for anyone to take and check out your Etsy shop later when they're at home).

Sometimes a radio playing soft music draws attention, a dish of hard candy, a candle with a light scent....

I made labels with my shop name and address on them, then stuck them to the front of my bags. Just like Walmart or JCPenneys...then others know where they just shopped and they will want to come and see what you have to offer too! You know....since all those cool people are walking around carrying your logo Ü

Unless I'm working on something, I dont sit down very often. I walk around my craft "shop" and organize, talk to potential customers and listen for suggestions, ideas or anything they offer. I let them know I can change colors, backgrounds, do custom listings, etc. Then, I leave them to shop and if they want to ask anything, they can feel like I'm available for them.

Even if they don't buy something, I give them a smile, a thank you for checking out my shop and give them a business card.

I hope you have make some great sales and future repeat customers at your sales! Good Luck!

Lots of variety of one item attracts people .... and keep it looking clean , not cluttered really helps too :) i Love doing craft shows ... you can make good money if there is a lot of foot traffic :)
Remember packaging. Think about how you are going to hand the item to someone and how they are going to walk away with it.
I hope you have some way to process credit cards. If not, consider ProPay. They have a special yearly rate for Etsy members. epay.propay.com/?refid=WLWKJEDO

It's only $40/year. You can process sales on you phone, the internet, their USB Card Swiper, etc.

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