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what are the most commonly asked questions here?

low views/sales and what to do


opening two stores

what else?

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i'm referring to general questions not specific to seller or buyer
Michele Lea from NawteaKittea

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3:58 pm May 28, 2012 EDT
I think the most commonly asked question is, "How long did it take you to make your first sale?' I see that one all the time.
MY question is... why do you want to know?

I'm just dying to find out why it would matter.
What is SEO?

How long to get first sell?

Oh, and how to get a listing image and info to show up in a post.

And less common, but more then you'd think considering it's coming from people selling on the Internet, is "what's a URL"
The one I see all the time is "please look at my shop and tell me what you think/what I'm doing wrong". Someone always steers them to the critique teams, as they should!
Those with low/no sales are always asking, "What am I doing wrong?"

It would help if they could spend countless hours reading forum posts and threads and do tons of research and homework for their shop and products. There's such a wealth of info out there to learn, but it seems they just come to the forums prior to doing any homework at all and expect a magic answer. This of course doesn't pertain to everyone with low or no sales, but I see it a lot.
I'm compiling a list to see if my own experience will help others and I will post the FAQ's to my blog to help newbies
So and so copied me, what should I do?

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