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Trouble with Paypal

I have a customer attempting to make a purchase from my shop and she says paypal isn't working for her. I have checked everything including making a purchase myself and having my daughter attempt to make a purchase from my shop and everything is working fine for me. Any advice for how to help her would be greatly appreciated.

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It may be something specific to her account. I suggest asking her to call Paypal. I have always gotten a real person (after a wait and pressing buttons) and have found them to be helpful.
I have had customers complain of this - usually it is because they are ordering under a different address or a different email address or they are at their "guest" checkout threshold.

you can try to send her a paypal money request and see if she can pay that way..

good luck!
Her best bet is to call Paypal.
Thank you very much. I appreciate the help. I must admit, I thought the issue might be hers. I will direct her to call PayPal.
also, paypal only lets you purchase so many times using their service without opening an account with them. she may have to open an account.
Occasionally this happens on Ebay for no apparent reason. It has also happened to me as a buyer. The transaction appears to complete but the money is not taken from my account. I have found that sending a Paypal money request (or having the seller send me one) usually cures whatever the problem is.

I would try this before ringing Paypal as the buyer may simply give up if its too much hassle.
you would need a little more info about what exactly is happening to them, to determine what the problem is. it could be a dozen different things
I would just send her an invoice from paypal & see if that works for her.
Can you send an invoice without a sale? How do I do that? I've scoured Etsy's help section and all articles on this subject are really out of date.

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