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So I just chatted with the owner of TheCraftstar...

...and he was kind of a douche.

They have a live chat set up on their home page and I started asking questions.

He goes by gerdasgarden in the following chat. Other people bop in here and there.


4:43 PM Fox: I have an Etsy shop. There were some mentions of this place in the forums, so I came over, just curious.
4:44 PM Fox: Do they have monthly fees here, or just as you sell?
4:45 PM gerdasgarden: it's for 6 months and a small listing/sold fee...
4:45 PM Fox: yuck.
4:45 PM gerdasgarden: if you click the 'sell' button at the top left you can get more info
4:45 PM bethandavies: Helloooooo!
4:45 PM Fox: thank you.
4:46 PM gerdasgarden: well, we are going to be a community that supports each other.. so you might want to give it a try
4:46 PM gerdasgarden: hi bethan!!!
4:46 PM bethandavies: GERDA!!!!
4:46 PM Fox: I may if it takes off. It would take a strong pull to move me from Etsy.
4:47 PM gerdasgarden: we are the caring community.. that is for sure
4:47 PM bethandavies: We are completely different than Etsy
4:47 PM Fox: So far I have heard that the site is glitchy. Has it been better?
4:47 PM gerdasgarden: :)
4:47 PM bethandavies: We had a bumpy launch
4:47 PM gerdasgarden: any start up is going to have glithches
4:47 PM gerdasgarden: take a tour around and see for yourself
4:48 PM gerdasgarden: zippy now!
4:48 PM Fox: How is this place different? It looks prety similar honestly, which I think is actually good.
4:48 PM gerdasgarden: remember we are just starting... the big E has been around a long time now
4:48 PM bethandavies: We actucally care about our members and SUPPORRT them
4:48 PM zenman22: great question!!
4:48 PM Fox: How?
4:48 PM gerdasgarden: no resellers or vintage
4:48 PM bethandavies: Opps...Support!
4:48 PM Fox: What is your definition of handmade?
4:48 PM gerdasgarden: the admins are going to really listen and they care!!
4:49 PM bethandavies: Well, for one, we are totally accessible to anyone
4:49 PM Fox: what does that mean?
4:49 PM bethandavies: We have features coming that are very unique to other sites
4:49 PM bethandavies: Have you known anyone ever get a straight answer from the other site>
4:49 PM bethandavies: ?
4:50 PM gerdasgarden: in the weeks since start up we have gotten straight answers quickly about what the bugs are and why and so forth
4:50 PM bethandavies: I'm not going to bash them (like they have us for hte last month), but I wil l say it will be much different here
4:50 PM Fox: They have written policies, which fall into revision and debate often. That is why I want to know how this place is different?
4:50 PM zenman22: what are the fees on here?
4:50 PM gerdasgarden: bethan... tell us what is the def. of 'handmade'
4:50 PM bethandavies: As Gerda pointed out, NO resellers here. NO vintage.
4:50 PM bethandavies: That's a BIG difference.
4:51 PM Fox: Ok, but what defines a reseller to you?
4:51 PM bethandavies: Hanmade: a unique composition made with your own hands
4:51 PM bethandavies: Handmade: can't spell on this thing!
4:51 PM Fox: what about assembly? Where is the line?
4:51 PM gerdasgarden: we are going to have an even better chat too!!! :)
4:52 PM bethandavies: You can go on for ever debating assembly vs more sophisticated arts
4:52 PM bethandavies: What is art to one isn't art to another
4:52 PM bethandavies: Modern art vs the classics
4:52 PM bethandavies: You can't choose a side
4:52 PM bethandavies: It's ALL art of some sort
4:53 PM Fox: That's why I want to know the definition of this site's "handmade." I am not saying it is not art.
4:53 PM bethandavies: I just said above what the definiton is on our TOU
4:53 PM Fox: Are you an official mod? (Just wondering)
4:53 PM bethandavies: It's my site
4:54 PM Fox: cool.
4:54 PM bethandavies: Yes, with a team it has taken us a loooong time to get here and what you see now is just the beginning
4:54 PM Fox: Is there a link to the official TOU's?
4:54 PM bethandavies: On sign up yes
4:54 PM Fox: Why do I have to sign up to read the rules?
4:54 PM Fox: I am debating signing up based on the rules.
4:55 PM bethandavies: They're at the botton of the page here
4:55 PM bethandavies: bottom
4:55 PM Fox: "user's guide?"
4:55 PM bethandavies: Terms and conditions
4:55 PM gerdasgarden: terms and cond.
4:56 PM Fox: Will skim, brb.
4:57 PM zenman22: what are the fees on here pease?
4:57 PM Fox: What I'm really looking for is how you divide resellers from handmade. You say you do not permit resellers here, but so does Etsy.
4:58 PM Fox: I really think it is a simple question. I don't mean to be rude, but is there a place that I can find a straight answer?
4:58 PM gerdasgarden: zenman.. check terms and conditions link below
4:58 PM zenman22: TY
4:59 PM Andi: From what I've read, there's no way to sort it out at first. But Etsy has ignored sellers who have been proven to be resellers, where this site would ban the user.
4:59 PM Fox: What is the burden of proof?
5:00 PM Andi: Mmm... I imagine that the terms and conditions spells out that they have the right to ban for any reason, not needing a burden of proof. But I'm just guessing.
5:01 PM Fox: So there is no definition, basically?
5:01 PM gerdasgarden: Fox I think you be happier if you asked all your questions in an email to
5:02 PM Fox: I will keep that in mind. Thank you for your time.

tl;dr - "TheCraftStar is totally better than Etsy because Etsy sucks, and we - like - don't."

I am horrified. Goodnight. I am keep my wonderful little Etsy shop, thank you.

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OMG....I am not not know what to say....Yikes! Thanks for the update.
Wow just wow. That is crazy.
OMG, they have ambiguity mastered, don't they?!
Valerie - Not really. If they had it mastered they would be able to fool people.
My how professional :)
haha... they sound like 10 year olds. We're cooler because we just are that's why. Can't you read what I wrote?? LOL
Fox from OneUrbanTribe says
...and he was kind of a douche.


I stopped reading at that point! Hee hee!
Fox, they don't seem they like are trying to fool anybody. They are playing the politician's game of not saying why they are good, but just claiming they are better than the competition. At least that was my take on it.

Something told me not to jump on that bandwagon. I'm glad I listened to my gut.
I'm one point the bethandavies person says it is "her site" that the Craftstar owner? Or is it gerdas?

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