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Views Down = Low Sales

Anyone else notice the lack of views lately? I'm wondering if it's my tags or if this is just site wide. It's making for no sales. Not 1 in almost 2 weeks.
Anyone else?

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I am noticing very low views as well. Overall my views are down by about 2/3. For me it is the time of year. I keep ongoing stats and summer is my slowest season.
Kim, I didn't think about it being summer and a slow season. I think you're right. Sorry you're noticing it too.
I have noticed a slow drop in my traffic and sales since the first of the year.
I have heard the opposite about summer - that it's the best time of year for sales on Etsy. I think everything depends on what you're selling..... maybe the best time of year for making lots of handmade jewelry sales is between Halloween and Christmas; and maybe the best time of year for vintage clothing sales is between Jan. and April..... who knows. I just wish my usual traffic would return...I want to quit my day job! :)
i am down to a couple of views a day and no favorites by my cratstar account is really starting to pick up
Same here. I listed 15 new items yesterday and didn't have any increase in views.
I have also noticed a significant drop on sales and views which is very rare for wedding items since we are at the peak of wedding season.
Just the seasonal ups and downs of Marketing, I would not consider it an Etsy Bug.Some sellers are doing fantastic...others not..
Put aside the "Bug" issue and start promoting...that is what we all need to do..
No sales, views are down. I'm very upset. Since I've been on etsy,
I haven't done much selling. Tried just about everything. Changed tags,
did showcases, promoted weekly, added more to my circles and did a few more treasuries, which nobody seems to view those either. And I thought mine were pretty good compared to alot of others that made top page????
So I guess I'll be signing off soon, unless there's a change. Still open for suggestions......
Yes to all above. Also search ads graph won't load and other loads slowly or not at all.

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