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One Sale Away From...


Every time I get close to a milestone, my shop sits at the _999 in an annoying fashion. It happens every time.

But I'm not complaining.

I'm feeling pretty good.

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Wow...that is a huge number!! :-)

Congrats on that....I'm sure #8000 will be here soon.
Maybe at night while I'm sleeping...
Well, it would be awesome to wake up to it!

Seems like whenever I'm on the verge of a big number, I seem to get an order for two things, so it ends up on 1001, or 2001. NOT that I'm complaining either. :-)
Wowwwwww...that's fantastic!!!!!
I'm hoping to get to 10,000 by next year :D
So that's an average of about 4.5 sales a day over the entire period you've been selling here. Assuming you didn't sell at quite that rate in your first year or so, so please indulge my curiosity...how many salews do you average a day over the past year or so?

And how do you handle all those orders/shipping everything? And dyeing it all? I'm fascinated, genuinely!
Hi Gena,

Actually the average has been pretty consistent -- I started at 4 sales per day from my first day here. My busiest year was the third year, a bit less busy for 4th and 5th (but that was cuz I had less time/energy to put in). This year is a lot like the third year.

Wow, congrats!!! I was doing my own little happy dance for having reached 200 this evening – 8,000 is HUGE!!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:35am May 31, 2012 EDT
Congrats, that's a ton of sales. Here's hoping you get it while you're sleeping! My last two sales have come while I've been asleep (and I hadn't had an overnight sale before these two), it's a great thing to wake up to!

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