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Too Picky!! Help!

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I have had a customer send me a shirt to stitch but I really don't like doing it because then I have no control over the quality of the product I send out. Also, it's harder to stitch on some things than other. I guess it just makes me nervous to not have control ;)
I can totally understand where you are coming from Jenifer. In the future another way that you could refuse would be to say that you have tested your work on various products and you do not feel comfortable using something that may compromise the quality of your work. I've had to tell customers something similar. There is nothing wrong with standing behind your work and the way you like to do things. Remember you are the expert. Most customers don't think of all the quality issues involved.
A lot of times customers ask for things/designs that just won't work, will be unattractive, or really just feel like a compromise in your own quality or style aesthetic.

It is way better to say no upfront when you are getting those first red flags than to deal with an unhappy customer down the road (even if you gave them exactly what they wanted!).

Sounds like you did the right thing!
While the option to have items "made on demand" is there. It does seem like she is having a negative effect on your item. It is one thing to make a customer feel that they are getting something of worth, however its a totally different thing to have them critique it to the point or want something that almost doesn't make it YOUR item anymore...
Just a thought... You can compromise, but just don't put yourself out in the process...
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:01 am May 31, 2012 EDT
Hi everyone...

When I first opened my art shop.. I made this grand announcement that I can paint and draw absolutely anything. You just contact me and I'll do it...

Well of course the First Custom Order was from a woman who was so excited that I could

Draw a Portrait of her Father...and should she send me a picture through the Email?

Bawwwwwwwwwwhahahha I took that announcement off immediately..

I had to convo her back and say.." Uh..hahahhaha Uh..

I Don't ( Can't) Do Portraits!"

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