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I believe, but could be wrong, that Tophatter was started by the same guy that owns Handmadeology.
I got very tired of it after a few days.
oh, and he has an Etsy shop.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:44pm May 31, 2012 EDT
As a buyer its okay..but as a seller you practically give your stuff away or it doesn't sell.
It's like anything else...there are certain types of items that do very well there but I wouldn't try to sell anything handmade there. I've sold 3 lots of items there in the supplies category and it's nothing I sell here or anywhere else and it was profitable.
I'm very torn about it. I've watched several auctions and have seen several pieces sell for WAY more than they sell for in the same seller's etsy shop. Some sell for next to nothing. I sold one of my hair pins there for $3. I was bummed, but that's what I get for setting my starting bid so low.
I've bought several things and have a lot going up for auction next week. The rules are really kind of bizarre in some cases, so you've got to read the fine print.

Also - waaaaaaaay huge on Alibaba.com resellers. In one auction I saw 3 of those darned octopuses. And most jewellery that goes up is from Alibaba - its sad, but TopHatter has nothing against resellers and if you comment in chat about it being what it is, you'll get yourself muted. It's funny, though that most of the Alibaba resellers have their Etsy shop name in their username - and their Etsy shops are just packed with lovely handmade things that are hand made by children in Indonesia.

It's a strange sort of ladder system you have to go through to actually have your items up for auction, depending on how much your last items sold for and how close to retail they sold for which determines when and how often you are able to list new items.

It is strangely addicting to sit in chat and bid on supplies and the like. Like....really, really addicting. I recommend trying it out to get your own perspective - you could love or hate it.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:46am Jun 9, 2012 EDT
I've done very well on tophatter, yeah I've had some rings go for dirt cheap, but I've also had some sold waaaay over what I'd sell for on etsy.
I sell so much on there that I can't keep my etsy store stocked (I went from over 50 items to 3 lol)
I'm at the point selling on tophatter now that I'm making the same cash as a full time job.
I got some cute tshirt bags off there. Really the only things that sell well (that I saw) are supplies and jewelry and fake purses. I don't think its right that they are allowed to sell counterfeit jewelry (Pandora) purses etc. I know a couple people were asking if the purses were real and got in trouble for asking. IMO thats just not right so I stopped going.
I've been trying it with mixed results. It is fun though,
Tophatter is an auction site - a little closer to Ebay and not at all like Etsy. I've tried them with no success.

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