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going out with a bang

So I missed my ambitious goal of getting to 200 sales by tonight - I'm off by about a dozen.

BUT the month sure ended on a high note - just sold $100 in brownies within the last 15 minutes!!

Anyone else in the same boat - missed your target but you had a saving grace?

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You still got 25 mins.
@Jo - I like the way you think!
Yes, by $15 but not a problem as was the highest May ever for me and the highest month this year. (My month ended 4 hours ago ;-)
I still have 22 minutes, but if I don't make the $15 to make my goal I'm not going to gripe:) May was my best month so far AND I met some amazing artists. Nothing to complain about at all:P
May had been a great month for me. And I'm closing in on 1000 sales, which feels great.

Edited to say that I don't actually make targets. I just keep chugging along and doing my best.
You have 16 minutes left. Come on people . Buy!!

Good Luck and Congratulations on your sale.
yeah, I also missed my goal. But I had two goals this month and one was completed :-)-I wanted to make at least twice as much in revenue as last month. The goal of having my 100th item sold is still yet to come. Congrats on the major brownie order though!
I hit my awesome 8000 mark this May. I think I did fine. Financially, not as good as Jan/Feb/Mar but right on track for a typical May.
Congrats on nearly meeting your goal! Hopefully you do, there's still a little time. :)

For me, May has been my best month on Etsy ever, far exceeded my expectations. I'm so glad I opened my 2nd shop... Here's hoping for an awesome June!

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