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Best way to list items?

Ok, I've been given previous advice from this forum (thanks!) about listing my items. I had been listing with size first and then a description. I sell girls dresses in specific sizing using designer fabrics. Am I best to use titles like:

a) Sail Away Girls Dress


b) Sail Away Nautical Girls Toddler Dress Size 2-3 Years with Anchors

basically, if I put more search type words in my title does it make a difference? or are the searches just taken off the search tags that I put on my items? I'm just wanting to find a balance between getting more hits on searches and simple titles....

Any advice? If it doesn't make a difference I'll probably shorten my titles up a bit to make them look better. I saw a dress listed on the Etsy Homepage today as "Sunnyside Up Dress" so maybe listing everything doesn't mean more hits...?


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I wouldn't put "Sail Away" as the first words. I would put something to the effect of "Girls dress nautical blue red toddler 2-3" "Sail Away"

Think of what you would search for as a buyer, not a creative name for the dress. These are the words you want to emphasize. Mix up the words in different ways for different listings and watch your stats for what is the most popular phrase.

Google doesn't like overly long titles, so keep them short. Use the best words that someone would actually search and then save the creativity for the description. :)
Thanks Kerri, I was wondering if it was best really short and simple or with key words, thanks for the advice. I do keep checking my stats for what search words are gettting me hits, I only started properly on Etsy a few weeks back so I'm still learning ;-)
The first two or three words in the title should be what the item is, try to think like a buyer would do when searching. So, your first words should be 'girls dress', then all the other bits such as color and size etc.

Hope this helps you.
Yes I agree Iand I have received the advice to change my titles. I sell vintage items and the problem is that I can not start everything with the word VINTAGE , I think...
Any tips on that ?

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