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June 1st The race is on!

May started out really slow but I ended the month with quite a few sales!
My goal for this month is 5 new products and three times the sales of May!
Talk about a big order. Oh yes, and I would like to make 2 new treasuries featuring newbies.

How was your May and what are your June goals.

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I'm a newbie ;)

I am hoping that this month will be a good one because it's the start of my first FULL one :)
Good luck, by the way :D
Double the sales I had last month would be nice. Or at least have all the newer items up before the end of June.
May was pretty terrible to start with, but ended well
Goal for June, double sales over May :)
May turned out to be OK, I did better then the month before so that was good. I just put another Etsy on Sale sale on two of my shops and it is changing my listings as we speak. I just put some Etsy ads on this shop this week and will put at least one outside web ad up tomorrow. Hopefully that will give me a bit of a push.

I need to work on my website next week along with getting some postcards and biz cards done. I am thinking of also making a flyer with some coupons to include in all of my sold order packages. Lots to do, but I am not teaching for the next two weeks so I need to hustle to get everything done now before my summer schedule hits!
Double the sales I had for June last year and keep the ball rolling!
I'm looking to get more of my stuff out this month, which is this month's goal. Getting out there, of course.
Lackluster. Please take a look at my shop for treasury items. It would be greatly appreciated.
I thought May was slow, but it was actually busier than I thought! Not as many views as April, but more sales... which is definitely better!

June plan is to finish some new paintings and get cards printed from those. I'm also going to be starting to put up my line of Christmas ornaments this month too. I hope it goes well! Good luck to all!

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