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Package shipped to UK . . .

My customer is worried about a package that I shipped (from the US) to the UK. It's been about 3 weeks, and she says that she usually gets items from the US within 2 weeks. I know that sometimes it just takes a lot longer than that, but she just seems really stressed out about it. Is there a way for her (or me) to contact customs to find out whether there is a hold up, and why?

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Um she could contact customs herself if she has the information but I do not know if they'll deal with someone outside the country: I'm new to that one.

3 weeks; if really ask her to wait (nicely) as you say they can be held up by customs (both leaving the USA and entering britain)

Is there a tracking number to see if it left the states ? In case or was us customs that held it up
I order things from the US (to UK) all of the time. Usually things do get here in about two weeks. However, over the last month, the post has slowed down A LOT. Things have taken about 4 weeks to get here. I had 4 parcels suck somewhere in limbo for a month.

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:19am Jun 2, 2012 EDT
It was also our holiday weekend last week and there may have been a delay getting out of the US...I had a package to the UK show up 6 weeks after I sent it..
Our postal system has really slowed down getting the packages out (but like to charge more)
I would tell her to wait at least another 7 business days
hope this helps
oh yes forgot to say - im in ireland and all of my recent pacakges have taken 2-4 weeks, usually im really lucky and its 1-2 weeks. one of them even took 8 weeks!
Thanks guys! This is great info.
It's the Queen's 60 year Jubilee right about now, too; not only does that mean more holidays, but I understand Royal Mail does more thorough examinations of packages to be on the safe side.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:07pm Jun 2, 2012 EDT
There is no point suggesting the buyer contacts customs as that isn't how it works here.

Shipping from the US to the UK generally takes 1-2 weeks, it can take less as it can take more. If the item was more than £15 GBP, around $24 the chances are import fees are due. It can take anything up to 3 weeks for the buyer to be told about this. It is worth suggesting they contact their local sorting office to see if there is a package there to collect/pay fees on just in case the normal note through the door wasn't receive but it depends when you send the package really.

I believe if you have the customs number for the package you can track it yourself via USPS possibly. The buyer only has access to the same resources as you and if they are a bit angsty it is probably better you check for them.

The extra holidays is actually one extra day which is on Tuesday and holidays and events don't usually impact greatly on our post being processed as they are knowns years in advance. According to the latest Royal Mail daily ops reports there are minor delays in deliveries die to the torch relay/road closures and alike but we aren't talking days, we are talking hours in most cases.
It's usually between a week to two weeks but it's not undeard of for it to take up to two months!

Did you have something in your policies to say that it can take longer for international orders?
I shipped one and it has taken over a month, and she still don't have it, I understand it can take up to 8 weeks, 2 months. yipes/

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