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Do You Dream About Your Shop?

It seems like once or twice a week a dream I have involves my Shutter Buddies somehow. Last night I even had a dream about the forums here(except I can't remember the deets, darn!).

I sometimes find it hard to shut my brain off when it's time to sleep. Do you as well? Do you dream about your business often?

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I've only had a nightmare about it :) Nothing happy! :) I'm always glad to wake up from those...
I dreamed someone wanted 100 headbands for birthday party favors. The stress was killing me!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:17 am Jun 2, 2012 EDT
I have had dreams about my shop, although I have to say one freaky one really stands out. I dreamed that not only did I have a sale but I also dreamed a specific item sold, a one-of-a-kind item. I woke up and checked and sure enough, that item had sold. Shudder!
Once in a while. More so I have dreams about what I am creating.
I've had dreams about my shop. Mostly it's been dreams about people (usually repeat customers who already loved what I did!) leaving me negative feedback. Sometimes I dream I got a few sales and wake up and have none, which is always a tiny bit disappointing.

I have trouble shutting my brain off when it's time to sleep... always thinking about something. :)
I haven't dreamed about my shop yet, but I haven't been doing it all that long. I'm sure it will happen though. I still have that dream from college where you have a final exam and somehow you forgot you were ever registered for the class.
I dreamed I made a few sales and then woke up dissapointed lol
My 'ridiculous Etsy dream' was closed a couple of days ago (boo!)- cause' it`s not business topic'.

well.... i did have a lame dream about people flagging my shop because I had 'shady; payment options and something else.

I think it`s totally business related showing how much we care about the shop and overthink it. Also I tend to see Etsy stuffs more,when I hang out in business forums here and try to soak up all the good info and tips and have fun with pseudodrama :P

so yeah... I do have a life outside of Etsy, but it still sneaks into my dreams here and there.

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:58 pm Jun 2, 2012 EDT
My work room is the other end of the house, so that if it happens to be 3am and I'm dreaming of the latest fabric creation, I can crack on and do it! I think it's part of the Etsy Curse, adoring your shop so much that it takes over your dreams where Jonny Depp and Caribbean Holidays should be instead!

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